Our Values

Our club is passionate about ensuring all members fulfil their potential through a great basketball experience.

Why? Well, we believe that basketball is a metaphor for life. We believe that those that reach their potential in basketball are equally prepared to live their best life outside of the sport. How we approach this is by taking a family and community-focused approach to the development of individuals and the sport.

We are backed by a set of club values that include:

  • Family: We acknowledge that basketball is a family commitment and embrace players and their families equally.
  • Community: It takes a community to raise successful basketballers and we value the contributions of many.
  • Respect: Treating each other with respect is a key tenet of our community-based approach.
  • Transparency: We are transparent in our words and actions … always.
  • Process/Equity/Fairness: We value improvement and will always seek improvements to the way we do things.

We offer a range of basketball activities for kids of all ages from Spiderlings all the way through to NBL1.

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