Norm Majors Development Wheel

The Norm Majors Development Wheel is a web-based tool that provides athletes and coaches with a structured framework for building upon strengths, addressing weaknesses and reaching their full potential.

How does the Norm Majors Development Wheel work?

The Perth Redbacks has identified six areas of developmental focus (spokes) for WABL athletes:

Offense Concepts

Offense Skills

Defence Concepts

Defence Skills

Rebounding & Tactics

Teamwork & Readiness

Each of these spokes contains five segments. These segments are building blocks of skills that allow us to assess an individual’s growth within each spoke quantitatively. 

Every Perth Redbacks athlete has a unique log-in to view their own wheel, the skills they have acquired and the skills they are working towards. Each Perth Redbacks coach has a unique log-in to view the wheels of each player in their team.

How does the Norm Majors Development Wheel develop better players?

Structured framework

Behind the NMDW is the Perth Redbacks Player Development Framework. This framework aligns player development to the Basketball WA and Basketball Australia style of play. The NMDW is an easy, graphical representation of a player's development within the Perth Redbacks system.

Culture of responsibility and ownership

Great players don’t become great players with just team training. The Norm Majors Development Wheel helps our players identify the parts of their game they can work on in their own time.

Transparent and proactive communication with clear expectations

Within the competitive landscape of representative basketball, the Norm Majors Development Wheel provides a format for setting real-time expectations at the player, coach, and parent levels.

Club-wide data to identify growth opportunities

With data at their fingertips from across a whole cohort, our coaches and staff can make better decisions to prioritise focus areas for training and skills development.

Who is Norm Majors?

A life member of the Perth Basketball Association (Perth Redbacks), Norm Majors is arguably the greatest coach in the organization's 60-year history. You can read the full story of Norm Majors and his profound effect on the association here.


One of Norm’s greatest strengths as a Head Coach was his unwavering commitment to player development. His legendary emphasis on strength and conditioning, as he subjected his teams to gruelling sessions, was matched by his dedication to scouting and pre-game preparation. He is also fondly remembered for dedicating hundreds of hours to developing young Redbacks into future basketball greats.

The Norm Majors Development Wheel is a special way to memorialise the legacy of a great man within our great club.

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