Coaching Courses

PBA, in conjunction with Basketball WA offers both informal and formal forms of basketball coach education and training.

  • Informal education is offered through events like clinics and workshops.
  • Formal education involves participating in an accredited program, which generally results in state, national, or international recognition of skills and competencies.

Below is a quick summary of each of the formal coaching qualifications available to Australian basketball coaches along with an estimate of when the next course is on.

Community Coach

Formerly known as ‘Level 0 Coach’.

This is the introductory level course which is designed to cover general principles of coaching while encompassing basketball-specific fundamentals and exploring the role of the coach. Candidates must be at least be turning 13 years of age in the year of the course enrolled and no specific basketball background is required. Club coaches, parents, teachers and secondary students with an interest in sports coaching are ideally suited for this course.


Club Coach

Formerly known as ‘Level 1 Coach’.

This is a Nationally Accredited course by Basketball Australia and Basketball Western Australia.

Candidates need to have completed the Community Coach Course and maintained coaching for at least 12 months before applying for this course. The course takes one (1) day (approx 8 hours) to complete and involves both on-court and off-court components in its content.

Typically, coaches in representative sides such as WABL should have this level of accreditation as a minimum.


Association Coach

Formerly known as ‘Level 2 Coach’.

This is an advanced two (2) day (approx 16 hours) course that is designed to elevate a coach’s understanding to the standard of the athletes they are coaching. Typically, coaches who are looking to be involved in State teams, various State leagues (SBL, ABA) would benefit from completing this course. There are certain prerequisites in choosing to apply for this level of accreditation.


Recognized Prior Learning (R.P.L)

Mature-aged applicants may apply for Recognized Prior Learning (R.P.L) with the relevant reasons in their application. Please note BWA do not R.P.L for Association Coach accreditation. A successful R.P.L application will incur a $40 R.P.L accreditation fee. Contact regarding R.P.L.


Upon completing a BWA accredited coaching course, you will hold that accreditation for two (2) years. At the end of that timeframe to remain an accredited and active coach you will have to call reception on 6272 0741 before 3pm on any workday and pay a reaccreditation fee of $30 which will give you another two (2) years of accreditation. If you undertake and finish another course within the two years, you will then be reaccredited at your new level for two (2) years from the date of completing the course.

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