The Perth Redbacks 2023 State Champs trials are complete and team selections have been made. State Champs is the beginning of our selection process for 2024 WABL. Our 2024 WABL trials will be held at the end of January/early February 2024. Our 2024 WABL trials are by invitation only. The players invited to these trials are:

  • All 2023 WABL players and train ons
  • All 2023 State Champs players and train ons
  • Players invited at our discretion

2023 Perth Redbacks State Champs Teams

Note for bottom-age players

Please remember our team formation guidelines mean:

  • Bottom-age players cannot be selected for Team 1 unless they are projected to be a starter. 
  • We have ‘best-of-bottom-age’ teams in all age groups except U19 Boys and U20 Girls. 
  • If your child is a bottom-age player in their age group, and they’ve not been selected in the top team, the highest team they can be selected in is the ‘best-of-bottom-age’ team for their age group. Which is as follows:
Age Girls best-of-bottom-age Boys best-of-bottom-age
U11 Team 2 Team 3
U13 Team 3 Team 3
U15 Team 3 Team 3
U17 Team 2 Team 3


Training started on Sunday 29 October.

  • Some teams will have Sunday training only. 
  • Some teams will have a Sunday session and a mid-week session as well. 
  • Click here to view the times/venues for Sunday 5 November.
  • For mid-week sessions, your team manager will keep you informed about these via your team's WhatsApp group.

Girls teams, please note you were at Trinity College for Sunday 29 October only. You are at Belmont Oasis on the Sundays after that.

All players should arrive at least 10 minutes before their training session starts. They should bring a drink bottle and ball, and be wearing their Redbacks reversible training singlet and Redbacks red shorts. There is a 2-week grace period for new Redbacks players to obtain the training singlet and shorts. Until they have those items, the players should attend training wearing basketball shorts and light/dark reversible singlet.

Competition weekends

Please note the competition weekend for your child’s team in your diaries. Each team will play 4-5 games on their competition weekend (plus finals if the team makes finals). We will not know when the games for each team will be until the week before the competition weekend. Unfortunately, we can’t make a ‘best guess’ for when games will be. So your child needs to be fully available on their competition weekend.

Weekend Age groups/Divisions competing
18/19 November 2023 U11 Boys and U13 Girls (Divisions 2–5)
25/26 November 2023 U11 Girls and U15 Boys (Divisions 2–5)
2/3 December 2023 U13 Boys and U15 Girls (Divisions 2–5)
9/10 December 2023 U17 Boys, U17 Girls, U19 Boys and U20 Girls (Divisions 2–5)
15/16/17 December 2023 State Titles - All Championship Divisions across all age groups


The compulsory uniform for all State Champs players is:

  • Redbacks red playing shorts ($55)
  • Redbacks reversible training singlet ($30)

This is the uniform that needs to be worn at all training sessions. The shorts are also the playing shorts for the competition weekends.

If your child doesn’t have these items, you can order them online here

You can also visit the Perth Redbacks office (at the Leisurelife Centre, Vic Park) during working hours to purchase. (We recommend calling the office beforehand to ensure someone is there - 9472 8110.) 

Perth Redbacks head coaches for 2023 State Champs

Girls Team Head Coach Boys Team Head Coach
11-1 Marcia Dowling 11-1 Ofir Ben Dror
11-2 Ainsleigh Passi 11-2 Jaxon Sym
11-3 Paul Philpott 11-3 Craig Dropulich
11-4 Wayne Dropulich
13-1 Reid Ballantine 13-1 Ben Hamilton
13-2 Reid Ballantine 13-2 Anthony Princi
13-3 Alisa Liddiard Colman 13-3 Brad Holyoak
13-4 Rori Roberts 13-4 Ethan Saliacus
15-1 Sam Fox 15-1 Mitch Jesson
15-2 Vance Karimi 15-2 Dan Cartwright
15-3 Mya Dimanlig 15-3 Francis Crawshaw
15-4 Caitlyn Hopkins 15-4 Charlie Corr
17-1 Adrian Warner 17-1 Bob Andrzejewski
17-2 Steve Herring 17-2 Dan Cartwright
17-3 Andy Zell 17-3 Louis Timms
17-4 Nick D'Elia
20-1 John Care 19-1 Graham Jones
20-2 Marcia Dowling 19-2 Lloyd Port-Louis
19-3 Andrew Logan




If you have an issue that you'd like to bring to the attention of the WABL Committee, please fill in this form.







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