Life Members

Life Membership to the Perth Basketball Association is the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a member. Life Membership is awarded for outstanding contribution to the Association over a period of time.

The original philosophy of the founders of the Perth Basketball Club in 1964 was that members must be active in more than one area of endeavour within the club. This philosophy underpins the following considerations in reviewing nominations for Life Membership. When deliberating on candidates for life membership the following standards shall apply. Each candidate will have demonstrated loyal and distinguished service over a period of time in a combination (ie: more than one) of the following areas of the Association’s activities:

  1. As a player
  2. As a coach
  3. As a Director of the Association Board
  4. As a sub-Committee Member
  5. As an official (eg: referee or coordinator or similar)

While these guidelines are required for qualification the achievements of each candidate will be considered on individual merit. From time to time Life Membership may be awarded to persons in recognition of extraordinary circumstances that have provided substantial benefit to the club and where no other award would suitably recognize this circumstance or contribution.

PBA Life Members and Year of Award Given:

Edmund Rogers (70 – dec)

Norm Majors (74)

Bettina Wurst (Smith)(74)

Ian Sharp (74)

Robert Symons (74 – dec)

Len Vlahov (74 – dec)

Tony Ewing (80)

Robert Rowbottam (80)

Peter Simper (80)

Ian Frame (87)

Stuart Mackay (88)

Rod Clinch (89 – dec)

Ian Nordahl (89)

Alan Doughty (89)

Debbie Fitzsimons (94)

Dave Almond (98)

Andrew Lewis (98)

Ed Posey (00)

Eddie Cecins (02)

Steve Beech (04)

John Taylor (06)

Chris Cassir (06)

Noel Bailey (07)

Sue Hosken (09)

Ian Ranstead (09)

Ron Romero (15)

Bryn Arnold (15)

Joel Wagner (19)

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