Life Member Profile – Eddie Cecins

Eddie Cecins is a product of the Mirrabooka SHS basketball program when Ed Rogers and Ian Nordahl, amongst others, were Physical Education teachers at the school. Eddie has been associated with the PBA as a player, coach and committee member from 1971 to 2007.

As a player, he played under-age basketball for Perth through U18s and U20s. He represented Western Australia at U16, U18 and U20 levels. Eddie played senior basketball with Perth from 1972 through to 1987, playing over 250 A-grade and District Division 1 games. He also represented Western Australia at Senior National Championships. In addition to this, he was a member of the Westate (now Perth) Wildcats in its foundation year, 1982, while remaining a Redback player.

During his senior league career, Eddie was the winner of numerous awards, including the Norm Majors MVP Trophy (1979/80/81 and 82), the Peter Simper Highest % Free Throw Trophy (1979/80/81 and 82) and the Joseph Brehmer Most Rebounds Trophy (1973/1976 and 1986).

During, and after his playing career, Eddie coached at both senior and junior levels. In 1978 and 1979 he coached the A Grade Men’s team in the WABF Summer Competition and in 1991 the Division 1 Men’s team.

As a junior coach, he coached boys’ teams in age groups ranging from U14 through to U18 and finished his last two years of junior coaching with the U16 Division 1 girls’ team in 2006-7. The most successful of these junior teams were the U18 Division 1 boys of 1988, 1989 and 1990 that won WABL championships. Many members of these teams went on to represent Perth Redbacks with great distinction with two of the most notable being Jamie Baker and Matt Earp.

In 1998 Eddie was awarded a Medal of Honour in recognition of his ongoing contribution to the Perth Basketball Association. Today, Eddie is an active member of the Life Members group and still manages to attend the occasional SBL game.

Eddie Cecins was awarded Life Memberships of the Perth Basketball Association in 2002.

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