Weekly WABL Wrap – Round 9 – 16 June 2024

The Weekly WABL Wrap is proudly sponsored by Woods Insurance Brokers

Here’s the Round 9 wrap-up of how all our teams went, including comments from coaches:

12-1 Girls – Marcia Dowling (sponsored by National Geotech)

Won against Eastern Suns 46-37

Coach comments

  • This was a top-of-the-table clash featuring 5 of the top 6 scorers in the division. So it was not surprising to see the two teams tussle tightly through four quarters that featured multiple lead changes. I was so proud of the girls’ grit and determination. Down 4 midway through the final quarter, we went on a 12-0 run to first wrest back the lead and then create a game-winning margin. Literally every player contributed to this run with their pressure to create turnovers and then finish at the basket. It was exciting to see.
  • Rose Bacci’s defensive skills and decision-making were outstanding. She finished the game with 10pts (including some sweet jump shot swishes), 5rbds, 2 steals and a block 
  • Maeve Whitehouse (2pts, 2 rbds, 1 assist, 2 steals and a block) chose great shot opportunities today and ran the floor really hard. 
  • Mia Exeter (10pts, 12rbds, 5 steals and 3 assists) was a menace at both ends. 
  • The teamwork and support from all 10 girls was the highlight of today, however.

12-2 Girls – Paul Philpott (sponsored by Infinity Designed)

Lost to Willetton 31-53

Coach comments

  • A great game girls, despite the end result. From our first game against Willetton, today we demonstrated it’s not how big you are but how big you play! With narrow margins in each quarter, and fouls high for both teams we stayed in the game right to the very end. Even with 4 players fouled out, the remaining 5 continued to step up and meet challenge with the help of our wonderful bench and supporters loudly cheering us on.
  • A BIG shout out to our youngest player Madison Le who was big in defence and put up 2 points in the last quarter and then proceeded to calmly and immediately fall back into her defence position – Awesome!
  • Zoe Bartucciotto was key in both defence and offense today, showing that she keeps getting better with each game.

12-3 Girls – Khalid Elmi 

Lost to Mandurah Black 33-36

Coach comments (Carmie Olowoyo)

  • Our girls played hard throughout the game and had opportunities to win. Unfortunately, it came down to a last play, which didn’t go our way.
  • Lilli Inkster and Eloise Watts did a great job carrying the scoring load.
  • Starssi Van de Putte and Cairee Olowoyo were excellent defensively, with some big blocks and on-ball pressure.

12-1 Boys – Ofir Ben Dror (sponsored by Pivot Project Consulting)

Lost to Perry Lakes 43-65

Coach comments

  • Our boys dominated the main part of the first half with great teamwork on offense and strong team defence. 
  • In the second half, the Hawks started applying pressure, and as has happened in previous games this season, we crumbled and started playing a rushed and inaccurate game, which led to the Hawks getting the upper hand and winning the game.
  • Harry Frame once again was the top scorer. Much of the success in the first half was his doing.
  • Lenny Brown had his best game so far because he was involved in the game a lot and made some smart decisions on both sides of the court. 
  • Jimmy Holzheimer was instrumental in the key and provided many scoring options in offense.

12-2 Boys – Dom Pitchen (sponsored by Sushi Wawa)

Lost to Willetton 56-69

Coach comments

  • The boys started strong and matched it with Willetton through the first half. Their full-court pressure was great, and it forced a lot of turnovers. The third quarter got slightly away, but the boys then got back to it in the 4th, and they performed strong all-around.
  • Harrison Kingsbury was hustling for and boxing out for rebounds as well as getting multiple steals for the press by making good reads and was a major part of our success in the game. Great job, Harrison. 
  • Talin McCullough was great all around today, providing great pressure in the press and in 1 on 1 situations. He also did well to control the offence and make great passes. Well done, Talin.

12-3 Boys – Craig Dropulich (sponsored by Profusion Planning)

Won against Cockburn 37-36

Coach comments

  • This one was an arm wrestle for us this week. Our start was good but dominated by silly turnovers and missed open shots close to the basket. Our offense went missing for parts of the game, and we had to work hard to get things going again. It was a low-scoring game with so many missed shots and free throws by both teams. We poked our nose ahead at three-quarter time by 1 and stayed there for all of the last, with both teams only scoring 6 points each.
  • Good things we did included the pressure we put on the ball, our passing and cutting to get players giving the ball up to get it back in a better position. Our aggression on the court lifted this week and we saw more fight by our players on offense, defence and for loose balls.
  • Andre Karpeh had a great game. He hit clutch shots in the third and fourth quarters, both times steadying the team. He did all the things I asked of him and took instructions really well. His rebounding, defence, and ball control were fantastic, and he always ran hard up and back. Great game, Andre.
  • Xavier Coombe’s shooting was on today. The way he attacked the ring and finished was very pleasing to see. Against much bigger boys and getting knocked about three times, he was very focused on making his shots and rebounding when near the ring. He also made two great shots that should have counted as continuation after being fouled. Good, tough game, Xavier. Keep it up.
  • Gus Rafferty did everything I know he can do. He brought the ball up made good passes, cut and came back to space to get the ball and move it again. A real good team player on the court and not frightened to get a loose ball or defend an opponent as hard as he can. Keep playing hard Gus and you will do very well.

12-4 Boys – Wayne Dropulich (sponsored by Playa Coffee)

Won against Mandurah 50-41

Coach comments

  • This game was a rematch of a nail-biter of a game that we narrowly won in Round 2. This time, however, we emerged victorious with a slightly more comfortable margin, ending the game at 50-41.
  • We kicked off the game with a strong start, taking a considerable lead by the end of the first quarter, 19-11. This lead was largely due to our dominance on the boards, as we secured 20 rebounds compared to the Magic’s 8.
  • We continued to dominate the court, and by halftime, we extended our lead to 10 points with a score of 29-19. During the third quarter, the Magic began to close the gap. Despite their efforts, we held a lead of 40-35 at the end of the third quarter.
  • Early in the fourth we worked our back to a lead of 9 with just over 2 minutes left. In the final moments of the game, we showcased our basketball IQ, and skills by successfully holding the ball and preventing Mandurah Magic from scoring any points in the last two minutes. This strategic play sealed our victory, and we concluded the game with a final score of 50-41.
  • Luka Dordevic had an excellent game on Sunday. He was entrusted with the crucial task of preventing the opposing team’s best player from scoring. Demonstrating his exceptional defensive skills and understanding of the game, he performed this task exceedingly well. This game was particularly noteworthy as he scored his first point of the season, demonstrating his versatility as both an offensive and defensive player.
  • Miles McColl had one of his best games this season, showcasing his rebounding abilities. He managed to secure a season-high 11 rebounds in the game, demonstrating his strong presence on the court. Notably, out of these 11 rebounds, 5 were on the offensive end. His offensive rebounding was particularly impactful, as he was able to convert 2 of these opportunities into points. This not only illustrates his development in rebounding but also his growing contribution to the team’s success.

14-1 Girls – Simon Daff (sponsored by Australian Financial Planners)

Won against Rockingham 82-37

Coach comments

  • There was a little bit of the unknown going into this game as we only had 7 players suiting up. Unfortunately, we have been hit hard by injuries to 3 of our bigs, which isn’t ideal. 
  • This game would show our team’s character when hit with adversity. The girls not only succeeded, but they put in their best 4 quarter effort of the season.
  • We played fast, smart, and moved the ball well. The girls just wanted it more, and it showed. It was very pleasing to see how disciplined we were on defence and how we did not get in foul trouble with only seven players. 
  • With a smaller line-up we still managed to dominate the rebounds. Very proud coach this week.
  • With players injured comes more opportunities, and the girls didn’t disappoint.
  • Chelsea Karsum had her best game of the season, with 21 points. But what was most impressive was her ability to play as a big. She played smart, physically, and with a lot of energy, which allowed her to rebound well.
  • Scarlett Brown also had her best game. She played with confidence, moved the ball well and attacked the gaps. Her ability to play in transition was a highlight.

14-2 Girls – Reid Ballantine (sponsored by Fish Boss)

Won against Redbacks Black 44-28

Coach comments

  • Another well-fought derby against the younger Redbacks team. We had a really strong start to own the first quarter 14-0 but they showed incredible determination over the rest of the game. They definitely disrupted all of our inbound plays so we were denied buckets we normally count on. They also hustled for their share of rebounds and things got just a little bit messy and with their fast attack on the keyway, they stole Q2 and Q3. We ran Q4 with a tall line up reclaiming the rebounds battle and defending the lead.
  • Ava Armstrong was really well positioned all game and won a lot of the ball with 14 rebounds and 2 steals. Ava made great passes all game and kept the offense flowing with 4 assists, and also scored her own sneaky 4 points, in a very productive and tidy game with only 1 turnover and 1 foul. Ava is a very reliable and valuable part of the team. 
  • Great to have Teah James back in the lineup after missing a few weeks with concussion. Her poise as point guard really helps the entire team thrive.

14-3 Girls – Helen Pardini (sponsored by Access Hire)

Lost to Redbacks Red 28-44

Coach comments

  • The past few weeks have been a challenge as we’ve faced the top three teams on the ladder. This week’s game presented yet another significant challenge, as we took on a strong Redbacks Red team in our second derby of the season.
  • Our nerves got the best of us initially, and we found ourselves down 14-0 early on. However, we regrouped at quarter time and showed great resilience, winning both the second and third quarters. By the end of the game, we had been outscored by only 2 points in the last three quarters.
  • It wasn’t our best performance of the season, but I was truly impressed with the girls’ fight to stay in the game, even when things didn’t go according to plan.
  • Well done to Redbacks Red. They played a great game. We look forward to our next battle later in the season.
  • Siena Mouttet is continuing to have a great season. Her defensive skills are invaluable, consistently protecting the basket, grabbing multiple rebounds, and making several blocks each week.
  • Robyn Saw’s confidence is growing with every game. She is becoming a strong presence in the paint, rebounding effectively, and making smart reads to find open teammates for some great assists.

14-4 Girls – Rori Roberts (sponsored by Habitat Finance)

Lost to Eastern Suns 32-41

Coach comments

  • A common theme for this team is that they like to get down by 10+ points and play catch-up; this game was no different.
  • Down 19-3 at one point in the first, we were able to pull it together and get up by 4; however, the Suns just had more fight in them at the end to get the job done.
  • Isla Cowman once again led the way in scoring, being aggressive to the basket and finishing with 10 points.
  • Saige Deeks was a massive presence on defence, finishing the game with multiple blocks and rebounds.
  • Darcy Brian was aggressive defensively and hit 2 free throws.
  • Allegra Care was great on defence, finishing the game with multiple steals.

14-1 Boys – Ben Hamilton (sponsored by Geist Consulting)

Won against Joondalup 75-39

Coach comments

  • After some disappointing results in the past few weeks, the team bounced back with a convincing away win against Joondalup, winning every statistical category and each quarter.
  • Erik Davies started to use his strength more on defence to keep their main rebounder away from the basket. He ended up with the most rebounds per minute played and is acknowledged for his effort in this key focus area. 
  • Harrison Moyle showed his versatility with great rebounding, pressure defence and quick transition. He continues to develop balance and athleticism when operating near the ring and this translated into a high field goal percentage on his way to 15 points. 
  • Nate Cass completed his recovery from injury with a commanding performance, scoring 19 points and 10 rebounds. He ran the floor well, worked hard off the ball on offense, and showed us glimpses of a KD-style pull-up jumper that is impossible to guard. Great game, Nate!

14-2 Boys – Fletcher Clemmence (sponsored by Ponosh Vascular)

Lost to Redbacks Black 33-59

Coach comments

  • What I’m most happy with since we last played this team is our tremendous improvement in bringing the ball up. Attitude on the defensive end, however, and teamwork have really taken a hit when times are tough. The boys will need to step up going into the second half of the season.
  • Will Holzheimer was, as always, our motor doing the little things that inspire others to work hard 
  • Elliot Birch worked hard and showing the most pride on the defensive end – really proud of his strides defensively

14-3 Boys – Brad Holyoak (sponsored by Westbeck Capital)

Won against Redbacks Red 59-33

Coach comments

  • We played a hard-fought game against a Redbacks Red team that came out of the blocks hard and fast to put us to the sword. This is the only team we have lost to this season. We determined not to allow them to get their transition running game going and blow us out like last time. By the end of the first, we had a 1 point lead. Into the second, we stuck with our scout and instigated the game plan, and ended the half up by 7 points. With the start of the 3rd we started to tighten the screws and wear them down they came back hard at us but we stuck to our plan and we ran out the game by 26 points
  • We all played great game this week with everyone doing their bit. 
  • Thomas Smith played a great game, attacking the lane and causing mayhem with his slashing. 
  • Nathan Jetajobe or ‘Mr Double-Double’ played huge and stepped up in a new role this week. 
  • Zach Snell was finding great touch this week, finding a way to get back to his damaging best, staying in our structure, dropping dimes, using his sticky fingers to pick pockets, and putting the score on the board.

14-4 Boys – Ethan Saliacus (sponsored by Skyward Roof Plumbing)

Won against Hills Raiders 64-57

Coach comments

  • This was a close game, but we had the lead the whole time and Hills never went on a big enough run to take it. Our ball movement was great, especially between the bigs, and it was our best rebounding effort from the whole team for the season
  • Loki Griffiths was absolutely huge in this game. His finishing, being in the right spots, making good passes, setting good screens and rebounding were all amazing 
  • Benji Halley has been amazing for us on defence, but today he was tremendous on the boards. He’s a smaller player, which really shows anyone can get boards

16-1 Girls – Sam Fox (sponsored by Sushi Wawa)

Won against Lakeside 80-57

Coach comments (Zach Makavilitogia)

  • Coming off back-to-back losses, we needed to get our season on track again—and the girls responded in a big way!
  • We had a good handle on anything Lakeside threw at us in the first half. But some defensive lapses and costly turnovers in the third saw them rally back to within 4 points going into the final quarter.
  • The girls dug deep and committed to being ruthless and relentless on D, consolidating multiple forced turnovers into transition opportunities and points.
  • A huge 25-6 run in the 4th put the result beyond doubt!
  • This was a great team win all around, with some solid contributions across the board.
  • Our second unit gave great energy and impact off the bench to give us continuity throughout the game.
  • Madi Makavilitogia was solid with 10pts, 10reb, 3ast, 3stl.
  • Despite early foul trouble, Leeshar Tuialii still managed 17p, 6reb, 1ast, 3stl in only 22mins of play.
  • Ella Welsh had a monstrous game, falling just shy of a triple-double with 26pts, 13reb, 4ast, 9stl.

16-2 Girls – Vance Karimi (sponsored by Packaging Perth)

Lost to Redbacks Black 26-80

Coach comments

  • It was an extremely tough game for us this week in another derby. The Redbacks Black girls played a great game. We struggled against the full-court press this week, being sped up, struggling to engage and find good spacing. We didn’t make good decisions and, as a result, turned the ball over in the backcourt unusually often. When we did transition to the front court, it took 4 quarters before we played our game. In that fourth quarter, we possessed the ball with better player and ball movement and finally found more of our game. By then though, the players were really emotionally exhausted and frustrations were taking their toll on the bench and on the court.
  • Sienna Care had a great opportunity by taking a down screen on the weak side and curl-cutting hard to the basket to receive and get an open layup.
  • Chelsea Ferris brought the intensity in the third, hustling for the loose ball and not giving up on trying to win back possession.
  • Izzy Swann found opportunities in the paint and chased back with intensity and desperation to stop the transition.

16-3 Girls – Dave Ogden (sponsored by Kai Rho Consulting)

Won against Perth Redbacks Red 80-26

Coach comments

  • Our first half was the best we have played all season, ending at 48-9. 
  • The girls have been training hard and adapting to new concepts and in this game we set a new benchmark of what our team was capable of.
  • A fast and positive style of basketball is developing and it is exciting for our group as we enter the 2nd half of the season.
  • Summer Chalder had a great game and her work rate was enormous at both ends. Her passing decisions are improving, and she is showing the confidence to use change-of-direction dribble moves over the full court. 
  • Scarlett Hill was our top scorer again, with an efficient 23. She is showing signs of being a two-way player, and her general decision-making was the best I’ve seen from her.
  • Abbie Leslie was aggressive on her left side as always and converted her opportunities at the free throw line. Her passing IQ is a feature of our team.
  • Lottie Ballantine was solid on the boards and provided a defensive presence in the keyway all game long. The connection with our guards to run a faster outlet pass has been a massive factor in our transition game’s improvement. 
  • Just a good day at the office and a reward for all our girls’ ability to progress our basketball in a genuine team effort.

16-4 Girls – Marcia Dowling (sponsored by Professional Web Solutions)

Lost to Eagles Blue 49-65

Coach comments

  • The full-court press throughout most of the game caught us out in the first quarter. I was impressed by how the girls absorbed a different inbound option in a timeout and then demonstrated it well. Fast legs, great defence, and good offensive choices were just not a match for the well-honed Eagles team. However, the girls’ teamwork and spirit made it a hard-fought win for the Eagles.
  • Ella Djurasovic was so fast, basket to basket, and took great shot opportunities. 
  • Cherie Zak had a good offensive game and was focused well in transition. 
  • Nadia Slee and Macaela Tugwell’s defence was a menace to the Eagles today.

16-1 Boys – Mitch Jesson (sponsored by DLA Piper)

Won against Warwick 81-71

Coach comments

  • This was a game where every player scored and contributed on the court, and there were some wonderful passages of play.
  • Our wins this season continue to be built on dominant stretches of play and consistently outrebounding our opponents (+13 in this game).
  • If rebounding is our superpower, then turnovers are our Kryptonite—these continue to plague us and allow our opponents to stay in games longer than they should. The great John Wooden used to say, “Be quick, but don’t hurry.” This might need to be our mantra for the rest of the season.
  • Anthony Flores made himself available for our 7.45 am game despite only flying back into Perth in the early hours of Sunday morning. As we were down a couple of players, we said, ‘Yes, please, and we’ll manage your minutes to account for how tired you’ll be.’ Ant ended up clocking 30 minutes, getting 6 assists and 6 steals, and was pivotal in the final minutes. Great game after two weeks away.
  • Mark Sunkar continues to be the Mr Fixit of our team. He is asked to cover both guards and forwards, and in our press, he can play any of the spots. He takes instruction very well. I take real joy in watching Mark enter a game, give his all, and genuinely lift the team’s energy.
  • Jaden Exeter is back. After managing his minutes in the previous two games while he came back from injury, we needed Jaden for more in this one, and he played all the way through with only a couple of minutes off the court. Jaden is a big who will rebound, run the floor, and feel no pressure at the free-throw line. His 21 points (@56%), 9/10 free throws, and 18 boards made for a nice stat line.
  • Finally, a call out to our parent and supporter group. You make it very easy for Connor and me, and we appreciate your support.

16-2 Boys – Dan Cartwright (sponsored by Triple Seven)

Won against Willetton White 76-66

Coach comments

  • As always, the emphasis pre-game was on rebounding and locking down the opposition’s best scorers. After a fast start where we established a 10-point lead on the back of some good execution of offensive sets and wiping the glass, Willetton settled and kept pace with us for the next two quarters. The rebound count turned against us late in the third quarter, but a reset at three-quarter time was just what the boys needed. After 5 minutes of the fourth quarter, we’d established a 9-2 lead in rebounds, and the margin had blown out to 20. With the sting out of the game, Willetton hit some late shots and made the margin respectable. The 52-36 rebound count impressed the coach far more than the 76-66 score line.
  • Harvey Wishart had a breakout game, scoring 15 points off 7 of 10 shooting. It was great to see Harvey get some reward on the offensive end after being such a beast on the defensive glass this year. 
  • Jalen Dunstan put up 15 points and had 9 boards in another solid display. 
  • Riley Thill was a defensive menace who came up with 6 steals to go along with his 9 points and 7 rebounds. 
  • Hunter Mettam made a welcome return after injury, contributing 14 points, which included 2 from 3 from downtown.
  • Koby Kalebic had a double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds. 
  • With this, our fifth win in a row, we’ve moved into second place on the ladder, only a percentage away from the top spot. Rebounding, defence, and connection, both on and off the court, are the keys to this team’s success.

16-3 Boys – Francis Crawshaw (sponsored by Teqar IT Consulting)

No coach report submitted

16-4 Boys – Cheyne Kerp (sponsored by Perth Safety Deposit Boxes)


18-1 Girls – Kelly Webb (sponsored by Aussie Fencing)

Lost to Lakeside 37-68

Coach comments 

  • This was a tough game, and the girls put in a great effort compared to the first round against Lakeside. The positive energy was definitely a good aspect throughout the whole game and the group as a whole impacted all at different stages. 
  • Jenna Jackson was a driving factor on and off the court
  • Anais Adnams cheered and supported the team, lifting the mood at different times
  • Blaise Stancil was very consistent throughout the game

18-2 Girls – Steve Herring (sponsored by MD Building Maintenance)

Won against Suns Orange 69-46

Coach comments

  • We have taken an opportunity to develop our game more and make a few mid-season strategy changes. Of course, that comes with some of its own problems; however, the team used the opportunity to show that they can adapt and read the opposition. There were many times during the game where we moved the ball really well causing a defensive collapse and a great scoring opportunity. Our rebounding domination continued as did our fast transitions, really great effort team.
  • Theory Snooks-Holding had an awesome all-round game
  • Jessica Kerp demonstrated sheer determination and extensive effort at both ends and chasing down time after time. 
  • Grace Almond showed great strength and poise against some feisty encounters and pushed through tight defence in the paint to create opportunities.

18-3 Girls – Andy Zell (sponsored by High Octane Automotive Services)

Lost to Mandurah Magic Gold 54-68

Coach comments

  • This week, the girls began the game with a slightly new offensive setup. We were looking for more points in the paint and more patient ball movement. 
  • We did a great job slowing the ball down, finding driving lanes, and supporting each other with good screens and cuts for long passages in the game. Unfortunately, we struggled in the second quarter and allowed Mandurah to take a good lead into halftime. 
  • Today represented a much-improved effort and intensity. We won the second half and cut down the lead, but we couldn’t finish the game with the ‘W’.
  • Isabelle Cobb had one of her best games of the season. By being more deliberate on offence, we found Izzy more often in dangerous scoring positions. Despite nursing an injury, Izzy helped us claw our way back into the game in the third quarter with full-court pressure and aggressive dribbling.
  • Yusra Handule also played a vital role for us, scoring nine points off the bench and dominating the paint. Mandurah really struggled to contain Yusra’s rebounding, and her defensive pressure and positioning were excellent.
  • Hannah Honzarenko also had a good game. Experiencing her first start of the season, she finished with eight points and some crucial timely defensive rebounds.

18-1 Boys – Andrew Logan

Won against Slammers 88-84

Coach comments

  • An outstanding first quarter of team-first basketball set us up for a tough victory. Both our offence and defence were on point from the tip-off. The most impressive thing from a coach’s perspective was the boys not losing their focus when the calls and game weren’t going our way. From our starting 5 not being able to play for 2 quarters and dealing with an aggressive and talkative opponent, the boys kept their cool. Down 9 in the last quarter, away from home, we didn’t give up. Chipping away at their lead, we pushed the game into OT, where we were dominant. Well done boys 💪
  • Noah Rees-Turner was a difference-maker today. He chose his offensive spots well, finishing a high percentage of his looks. He played a great five minutes in overtime, leading the team to victory. 
  • Jude Garbenis was instrumental today getting buckets and keeping a cool head all game. Jude ran out the game well taking charge in OT and making sure the team left with a W.
  • Well done to Lachie Wheals – this was his 50th WABL game in Redbacks colours.

18-2 Boys – Marshall Robinson (sponsored by Integrity Fencing and Gates)

Lost to Mandurah 60-87

Coach comments

  • We travelled to Mandurah and played a team hungry for a win. We just struggled to get going and having a few players out through injury made it tougher. It was good to see some players take the opportunity to step up under pressure, and our train-ons played really well.
  • Josh Welsh continues to be consistent offensively
  • Cameron Todorovic had his best game so far.

18-3 Boys – Louis Timms (sponsored by Icon Plumbing Solutions)

Lost to East Perth 72-78

Coach comments

  • The boys did a good job fighting back from a 15-point deficit in the first half to lead at halftime. In the end, East Perth’s defence and overall intensity were superior, and they came away with the win.
  • Jay Hazell (21 pts) and Michael Ryan (14 pts) were both very productive on the offensive end
  • Cuba provided a real spark off the bench to get us clicking defensively while also scoring 13 points.

18-4 Boys – Nick D’Elia (sponsored by Mortgage Choice – Emma Tyler)

Won against Slammers 66-52

Coach comments

  • This week, we made the long trip to Bunbury and started off hot from the 3-point line.
  • Tyler Hirt let us get the early jump on them however, we cooled down a bit, and they stuck in a 2-3 zone and just seemed to hang in the game
  • They had one main go-to player who was locked down by Zadyn Thomas and Jack D’Amico, however we just weren’t hitting from outside anymore and found it tough to score in patches
  • Eventually, during the 3rd quarter, we started to move the ball quicker, found the open man and got some great shots
  • Even though it wasn’t our most efficient game, we always felt in control, and we had a comfortable win in the end

21-1 Girls – John Care’ (sponsored by Fine Food WA)

Lost to Cockburn 73-76

Coach comments

  • A gettable game and the momentum and passion has been building amongst this group of girls the past few weeks. Unfortunately, a 16-7 slow first quarter meant we had to play catch up.
  • Credit to the girls, they fought hard, and we came back in the game.
  • Winning the second and third quarter, we could feel it, but it wasn’t over. Trading bucket for bucket, we came down to the last minute to be up by 2, and Cockburn hit an inside shot to level the game with 6 seconds to go. We called a time-out and advanced the ball. We executed the play, and Rori took it to the hoop. The contact and foul, unfortunately, weren’t called, which would have given us an opportunity to win, and instead, we went into overtime.
  • We started slow in overtime and landed 9 points behind and within the last minute the girls kept fighting, managed to apply enough pressure, steal the ball and score 2 x 3 point shots in a row and the final bucket. A great, tough and intense game that the girls should have been very proud of.
  • Rori Roberts was great in this game recording an amazing 28 points and nailing the 2 x 3 points shots in a row to help get back in the game.
  • Hannah Saliacus was great in both offence and defence, crashing boards and 17 points.
  • Huge congrats to Kirsty Slinger who played her 50th game for Perth Redbacks in this game.

20-1 Boys – Graham Jones (sponsored by Bendigo Bank Community Bank North Perth)

Lost to Lakeside 79-83

Coach comments 

  • It was another tale of one that got away for our U20s men’s basketball team. After a strong start, we ended the first quarter in the lead, showing great promise and control over the game. However, as has been the case on a number of occasions this season, a lapse in intensity saw us lose ground in the second quarter by 9 points, which ultimately cost us the game. The final score was a narrow 79-83 loss.
  • Throughout all our games this season, there have been glimpses of excellent execution and determined defensive plays. Our team has shown that they have the potential to compete with the top teams. Unfortunately, we have struggled to maintain this level of performance consistently throughout the entire game.
  • Positive takeaways from this match included the players’ ability to recognise weaknesses in our defence and adjust during the game, as well as the balanced scoring effort, with four players reaching double figures. This is a good sign for the team, indicating a well-rounded offense and the ability to spread the scoring load.
  • Ethan Saliacus, Luke Ogden, and Guy Liggins showcased remarkable versatility on defence. Their ability to react and adjust in real-time posed significant challenges for the opposition. These players consistently disrupted the opponent’s flow, forcing turnovers and difficult shots. Their defensive acumen was a crucial factor in keeping us competitive throughout the game.
  • Cooper Deshon and Aiden Cannington led the scoring for our team, providing a reliable offensive presence. Cooper’s sharp shooting and ability to find gaps in the defence kept us in contention, while Aiden’s consistent scoring ensured that we maintained pressure on the opposition.
  • These players’ performances highlight the depth of talent and potential within our squad. Their efforts on both ends of the floor are encouraging signs as we continue to build and improve as a team

20-2 Boys – Dario Povia (sponsored by Bendigo Bank Community Bank North Perth)

Lost to Cockburn 64-113

Coach comments

  • It’s difficult to take too many positives away from a game where we gave up 113 points to a mid-placed team and lost by 50. Our boys will have to regroup this week and show a greater commitment to being a “harder team to play against”.
  • Riley Ford, Hamish Elder and Max Millard all had an impact in this game
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