We all know we can't play the game of basketball without referees.

Perth Basketball Association prides itself with the continuing development of our young referees. We continue to grow and develop pathways that ensure our referees.

If you are interested in refereeing basketball, rest assured you will be well-supported and nurtured through PBA courses and training, including the implementation of Ref Book for scheduling and milestone reporting purposes.

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Association Beginner Referee (Green shirt)

LEARNER, do not approach

ONLY rostered referee coaches or game day staff may make contact with these referees as they are beginners and learning. These Referees may be accompanied by a referee (shadowing or close by) or be officiating by themselves with a co-official at the other end of the court.


Level 1 Referee or higher
(Black & White striped shirt)

These referees are the next level up from an Association Beginner Referee (green shirt). They are more experienced referees.

Coaches may ask to speak with or ask questions of this level of referee during game breaks. This includes timeouts and at half-time.


Game Day Referee Coaches
(Red Polos)

If coaches and managers have queries or concerns, these should be raised with the Game Day Referee Coach.

Spectators may approach and speak with a Game Day Referee Coach if available. But please be aware the Game Day Referee Coach may direct you to the Court Controller if they are busy or if the query is not relevant to them.

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