Weekly WABL Wrap – Round 7 – 2 June 2024

The Weekly WABL Wrap is proudly sponsored by Woods Insurance Brokers

Here’s the Round 7 wrap-up of how all our teams went, including comments from coaches:

12-1 Girls – Marcia Dowling (sponsored by National Geotech)

Won against Mandurah Gold 71-35

Coach comments

  • Today, the girls’ team work was excellent. So much forward passing with accuracy and defending with hardly any teaching fouls.
  • Mia Exeter (19pts, 15rbds, 3 assists, 4 steals, 7 blocks) ran the court well, rebounding and shooting in her fabulous style. 
  • Rose Bacci (6pts, 3rbds, 6 steals) and Olive Bird (13 pts, 7 rbds, 3 assists and 10 steals(!!)) were a big pain to our opposition in defence. 
  • Bella Nevill (10pts, 9rbds, 2 assists, 8 steals) and Elsey Lohman white (9 pts, 6rbds, 4 assists, 7 steals) made some excellent choices in offense achieving their own points and several vital assists. 
  • Darcey Hill hustled well on the ball to generate steals and create many turnovers for Mandurah. She finished with her first-ever triple-double: 12pts, 11 rbds and 10 steals to go with 5 assists.
  • Zara Flynn’s defence under the basket was consistently effective and her pressure netted her 3 steals. On the offensive end, she also consistently got to the right spot by the basket to receive a pass and put up a good shot. While only one shot fell, she’s putting herself in a great position for a big haul soon.
  • Both Izzy Nagamany (4rbds, 1 assist) and Maeve Whitehouse (3 rbds, 2 steals) made excellent decisions in transition

12-2 Girls – Paul Philpott (sponsored by Infinity Designed)

Lost to Warwick 48-22

Coach comments

  • With two players out, it was another tough game today but our wonderful girls continue to build on their strengths. With this in mind, our game was not about what we did today (we have that down) but more of what we didn’t do. Our offence was on point, and we continue to work collectively. However, we tended to allow Senators too many possession opportunities allowing them to score too easily.
  • Matilda Thompson had some clear coaching direction today (get back, guard the yard and fight for every rebound). She certainly did this today, delivering her best game of the season so far. 
  • Rachel Deering was very noticeable on the court today as she kicked off our transitions, bolstering our offence. 
  • Emily Cakar continues to use her speed to become available to receive and create many team opportunities.

12-3 Girls – Khalid Elmi 

Lost to Lakeside 21-25

12-1 Boys – Ofir Ben Dror (sponsored by Pivot Project Consulting)

Lost to Willetton 82-28

Coach comments

  • Willetton is by far the best team in the competition, and we were quite undersized in comparison. Their pressure and physicality got to us in the first quarter and it took a while to calm down and adjust to it. But once we relaxed a bit, we started making some good offensive plays. The boys did not give up all the way to the last second and we learnt a lot of lessons from this game which will help us moving forward.
  • James Price had his best game of the season so far, bringing the ball up calmly against a relentless defence, cutting and dishing beautifully and holding off their point guard in defence. 
  • Elijah Mancini and Seth Cass were also very good keeping their nerves against the tough defence and creating some chances on the offensive side.

12-2 Boys – Dom Pitchen (sponsored by Sushi Wawa)

Lost to Perry Lakes Blue 73-77

Coach comments

  • The boys started well and played strong throughout the game. They did well when pushing in transition to find a shot.
  • Ned Tierney was a great leader offensively, and provided a big boost of energy to the team in this role. He did well to stay out foul trouble this week and played solid defence. Well done Ned.
  • Talin McCullough was strong on both sides of the court and did a great job of leading the team defensively. Good job Talin.
  • Noah Ouwendyk did an excellent job staying out of foul trouble and played great defence, leading to turnovers. Well done, Noah.

12-3 Boys – Craig Dropulich (sponsored by Profusion Planning)

Won against Mandurah 48-63

Coach comments

  • We absorbed the early pressure from Mandurah to show glimpses of what we’re capable of as a team. We had lots of different combinations of players on the court at times too. After sneaking ahead at quarter time we slowly pushed ahead to finish quite convincing winners by 15. We worked hard in patches to press and score off the turnovers we created. We allowed more points than we have done for a few weeks, but offensively, we put up our biggest score of the season. One pleasing aspect was the number of players who are looking to pass when their drive to the basket is closed off. Playing with a team-first mentally will improve this team well beyond all other teams in our division.
  • Elijah Devitt’s defence was outstanding today – he was the first to get back on all defensive transitions and impact every time. His intercepting, rebounding and shot selection was at a very high level. He is working very hard and the rewards are there for all to see. 
  • Lance Dela Vega also defended brilliantly one-on-one and in rebounding contests. He used his voice very well to let all his teammates know where he was on the court and what he was doing.

12-4 Boys – Wayne Dropulich (sponsored by Playa Coffee)

Lost to Lakeside 57-59

Coach comments

  • This was a competitive game against the Lakeside Lightning. While we were missing three of our regular players, this provided an excellent opportunity for our three train-on players to join in the action and showcase their abilities.
  • The game started off on a very positive note for us, with us taking a commanding lead of 15 to 2. By the end of the first quarter, we had managed to maintain our lead, finishing the quarter ahead at 21 to 10.
  • As we moved into the second quarter, our lead started to narrow slightly. However, we managed to keep our composure and finished the first half leading by a score of 34 to 29.
  • By the end of the third quarter, things were getting increasingly tense, but we were still managing to stay ahead with a score of 50 to 45.
  • However, the final quarter proved to be our downfall. Despite our best efforts, we missed too many shots which ultimately cost us the game. We ended the match with a narrow loss of 59 to 57.
  • Our trap defence strategy worked exceptionally well at times, earning us 24 points off turnovers. 13 of these points were scored in the first quarter alone.
  • One of the positive takeaways from the game was our defensive effort. Thanks to our solid defence, we had 14 more field goal attempts than the Lightning. Despite the outcome, the game provided useful insights and experiences for our team.
  • Franklin Etter put on a spectacular performance. He scored a team-high 12 points, a feat which included a fantastic spin move and finish that left spectators and opponents alike in awe. But his contribution wasn’t just limited to scoring. Frankie also managed to pull down 6 important rebounds, demonstrating his prowess in controlling the boards. Furthermore, his defensive efforts were outstanding. His great defence was a key factor in the game, constantly disrupting the opposing team’s plays and proving instrumental in securing a good outcome for his team.
  • Clinton Vo performed exceptionally in the game, clocking in a total of 8 points. These points were made up of two successful attempts from beyond the three-point line. Despite facing initial struggles during the first quarter, he showed remarkable resilience and adaptability. As the game progressed, Clinton began to find his rhythm and significantly improved his performance. Not only did he contribute offensively, but he also applied a good amount of defensive pressure on the opposing team, demonstrating his all-around skills in the sport.

14-1 Girls – Simon Daff (sponsored by Australian Financial Planners)

Won against Kalamunda 52-44

Coach comments

  • This was a top-of-the-table clash, and we went in with high hopes. The Suns were undefeated, but we were going in with some good form. Both teams had players missing due to netball commitments.
  • The game was even throughout, but we managed to pull away in the 4th due to their foul trouble and lack of bench numbers.
  • It was a scrappy game, and we were outrebounded, but we hung tough with our pressure defence to secure the win.
  • Jacinta Wladyka is having a stellar year—her consistency has been a real highlight. She controls the tempo well and is relied upon heavily as our primary ball handler. She is growing more as a player every game.
  • Ellie Pike led once again from the front. As captain, she sets an example every week with her talk, effort, hustle, and energy. She manages to win most 50/50 contests, whether a ball is loose or rebounded.
  • It’s great having Maia Leckey back in the lineup after being out for six weeks. She came in and made some crucial shots when needed.

14-2 Girls – Reid Ballantine (sponsored by Fish Boss)

Won against Joondalup 45-36

Coach comments

  • The focus for this game was to fix our problems from last week, improving our defensive transition with a straightforward ‘ball and basket’ commitment to defending the ball early, reacting faster on the court, and protecting the basket. We did a great job of this, winning a lot of the ball and dominating possession. Our offense was quite free-flowing, with many opportunities to score. We do, however, need to sharpen up our contested finishing and attack from better angles next week.
  • This was another confident game from Saachi Ti’en. She dominated the game in defence and rebounded everything. 
  • Cyra Olowoyo had a brilliant spark today and terrorised the Wolves. She was fast and furious, scoring 11 points to go with 8 rebounds, 8 steals, and 3 assists.
  • Nora Herring-Ostermeyer returned from illness to play a feisty first half and really impact the game with super solid defence. Unlucky to foul off early, but a great impact on the game with a commitment to early defence on the ball.

14-3 Girls – Helen Pardini (sponsored by Access Hire)

Lost to Slammers 34-43

Coach comments

  • This week’s game was a hard-fought battle. Despite the final score, we were competitive until the last few minutes when the Slammers managed to pull away. 
  • Our defensive pressure was outstanding from the start, and our offence looked sharp with excellent spacing and ball movement creating many good scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, our shots just weren’t falling.
  • The first half was tightly contested, and we went into halftime down by a single point. By the end of the third quarter, the score was tied, and the fourth quarter remained neck and neck until the final few minutes. 
  • Despite the loss, the girls continue to demonstrate remarkable improvement and development, stepping up against a team that shares the top spot on the ladder.
  • The team’s growth is evident, and their effort and teamwork are commendable. Keep pushing forward girls.
  • Eloise O’Shea played an outstanding game, her best game of the season. She was relentless on defence and took control of the game on both ends of the court.
  • Siena Mouttet was a defensive standout, pulling down 14 rebounds along with 4 steals and huge block. Her offensive awareness and decision-making were also excellent.

14-4 Girls – Rori Roberts (sponsored by Habitat Finance)

Lost to East Perth 47-55 (2 OT)

Coach comments

  • In an absolute heartbreaker double overtime loss, the girls can hold their heads up high for giving it their all and battling it out until the end.
  • While the result didn’t fall our way, it’s fair to say Isla Cowman had her best game of the season with an all-around performance. She constantly put pressure on the defence by driving to the basket when we needed her to and converted at the foul line with 9 made free throws. She ended the game with a game-high 19 points but also contributed with 3 steals and a deflection to show her breakout game was not all about offense. Well done, Isla.
  • Bianca Bajin and Winnie Devitt were both instrumental on defence to get us into overtime and during with a collective 10 deflections and 13 steals, while Saige anchored the paint with 4 blocks.

14-1 Boys – Ben Hamilton (sponsored by Geist Consulting)

Won against East Perth 101-43

Coach comments

  • The 14-1s had a huge weekend of basketball, with WABL on Sunday and another 4 games on Monday at the U14 Club Champs National Qualifiers Tournament. 
  • On Sunday we had a comfortable win against East Perth, who challenged us early on but eventually gave way to our intense full-court man defence and a relentless shooting display, including 8 3-pointers at 40%. 
  • The Monday tournament saw us compete against the division 1 WABL clubs for a spot at the National Club Championships in Melbourne. Despite not getting the game results we were hoping for, we competed hard in all games, often coming back from 10+ point deficits to challenge more experienced teams. 
  • Our best two results were against two of the best teams in this age group, Willetton and Warwick. We lost to a very well-rounded Warwick by 8 points and powerhouse Willetton by 10 points—which was their closest margin from all games. 
  • Our commitment to the game plan and an increased intensity showed, but lapses in concentration and some surprising gaps in fundamentals hurt us in the end. For a team not exposed to this level of competition each week, we performed incredibly well and the team should be proud of how they stood up during this tournament – well done boys.
  • There are so many highlights to choose from across five games in which every player made significant contributions. Here are a few noteworthy mentions. 
  • Harrison Moyle for his gut-running defence, rebounding effort and his second chances. Also, a few beautiful shots from deep, including his first 3-pointer. 
  • Will Hemingway for his tenacious defence, his up-tempo offence and for giving us much needed physicality. He also played his 50th WABL game as a Redback. Congratulations Will. 
  • Zeke Brian for his unwavering positivity and effort, his devotion to defence and for his stand-out performance against Willetton. 
  • Erik Davies for his much improved transition effort, powerful defensive work, strong screens, and for his aggressive work on offence.
  • Well done to the whole team for preparing so well for this tournament.

14-2 Boys – Fletcher Clemmence (sponsored by Ponosh Vascular)

Lost to Eastern Suns 49-60

Coach comments 

  • Unfortunately, Suns’ pressure in the full court got the better of us in this game. We struggled to bring the ball up the court and we also struggled to defend our individual players. 
  • Having opposition parents come up and compliment the boys on their camaraderie and leadership is something positive to take away for the week, though.
  • Christian Roberts really played well, knocking down some tough shots and hitting them when we needed a boost. 
  • Elliot Birch was easily our best defender on the court and took it upon himself to play hard and try and set the tone for others.

14-3 Boys – Brad Holyoak (sponsored by Westbeck Capital)

Won against Suns White 49-43

Coach comments

  • This was a top-of-the-table clash – a true David vs Goliath contest against a huge top-age group team who hadn’t dropped a game this season. But armed with our trusty slingshot, we went out to battle. The Suns threw around their weight and size to good effect. However, we held tough and went into the first break 6 points up. Over the next three quarters, the game ebbed and flowed with some lead changes. We never let them get in front more than a couple of points and quickly got the lead back each time. Going into the last quarter, we fired our last ‘stone’ and hit the Suns right between the eyes, holding them to 3 points for the quarter and running out with 6-point victory. It was real ‘hearts of lions’ stuff. It proves that a basketball game is won between the ears, and who dares, wins!
  • Zach Snell was rock solid, finding his touch and weaving his magic
  • Beau Morgan proves he has the heart of a lion – standing down monsters trying to drive through his rib cage and a huge block on their biggest player. 
  • Eddie EVERYWHERE Cliff scored a big 6 points in his first-ever WABL game. Most pleasing of all was how excited the boys were when he scored his first bucket. Well done lads

14-4 Boys – Ethan Saliacus (sponsored by Skyward Roof Plumbing)

Lost to Lakeside 49-78

Coach comments

  • The game started off with us making errors of our own with some dribbling mistakes and turnovers. This wasn’t a great way to start the game, but the boys came back to get things within 10 points. We couldn’t get things below that margin due to the rough start, but the boys should be proud they never lost their energy all game regardless of the score
  • Tristan Leslie had his best game of the season. His turnovers were down, shot selection was better, and overall he put in a huge game against the ladder leaders 
  • Jayden Austin was great. When he came in, he gave us a huge spark on defence, was getting in there for the boards, offensively he moved the ball, didn’t turn it over and was rewarded with a 3.

16-1 Girls – Sam Fox (sponsored by Sushi Wawa)

Lost to Warwick 49-78

Coach comments

  • This was a tough game and Warwick showed us why they’re undefeated. We started reasonably well, getting out to a quick lead, but it wasn’t long before we were being out-hustled on the boards, and the momentum swung hard against us. There were some great individual efforts, but as a team, we became tentative. Next time, we won’t give the Senators that.
  • Salma Rahmadavi gave great effort and intensity off the bench. 
  • Niamh Murphy was our most consistent rebounder and led by example.
  • Lola Bingwa brought fantastic energy on D and was a team-high in the plus/minus column.
  • Huge congrats to Leeshar Tuialii. This game was her 100th for the Perth Redbacks!

16-2 Girls – Vance Karimi (sponsored by Packaging Perth)

Lost to Warwick 59-89

Coach comments

  • The girls had a fabulous start to the game this week. It was clear they were all switched on and fiercely focused right from the warmups. Both Grace and I agreed this was the first game this season where all players on the day started with a great attitude, worked extremely hard and maintained their focus and intensity for a great chunk of the game. We had the pleasure of having Marcia join us to provide her perspectives – thanks, Marcia.
  • The first quarter was our most competitive with some great aggressive offense. Throughout the game, we had some great ball movement with minimal dribbling, good kick-ahead passes and fast transition. Senators played a very aggressive three-quarter court 1-2-2 zone press. When we allowed the zone press to make the first move and were smart with our passes through it, we almost always beat the press. This shows our girls can beat an extremely tough zone press. Quite a number of our shots rimmed out, but the opportunities were there, and the score difference doesn’t reflect how well we played.
  • Our girls were contesting passes, closing out on the perimeter shots and naturally hedging with a contest any time the ball was near. It was beautiful to see how well they can pass up the court with minimal dribble, with great spacing and hitting their targets for easy finishes against a quality team.
  • Sam Morgan picked up on the Senators’ give-and-go and used great footwork and body control to bump cutters. I loved the moments when she wrestled with her player and denied her the opportunity to cut her trajectory. 
  • Charlie Foster worked hard to control the ball in our initial inbounds to beat an aggressive Senators press with a constant double team. Her quick decision-making set up our early finishes in transition.
  • Bella Kahl worked really hard in defence to protect the paint and is finding the space in the mid-court to present as a strong option when we face aggressive presses. She took her opportunities with impressive offensive rebounding and put backs.

16-3 Girls – Dave Ogden (sponsored by Kai Rho Consulting)

Lost to Joondalup 49-65

Coach comments

  • We were up in Joondalup against a good Wolves team who were better on the day.
  • Our girls tried all day to get into the game and got the margin back early in the 4th but were outmatched on the day. 
  • We struggled to protect the ball and need to show more patience to swing the ball in order to compete against good teams.
  • Scarlett Hill attacked the basket all day to be our top scorer with 18pts, showing she can finish with both hands.
  • Lottie Ballantine also hit a couple of tough shots and showed a willingness to look for outlets. 
  • Talia Tzotzis added some some speed on the ball and started to get her head up and hit go ahead passes in the 2nd half.

16-4 Girls – Marcia Dowling (sponsored by Professional Web Solutions)

Lost to Perry Lakes 41-53

Coach comments

  • Today was a team game and felt like a win. The girls are quickly adapting to a different style of play and are putting in 100% effort to focus on speed, spacing and shot decisions.
  • All the girls impressed me today – they all made strong contributions.

16-1 Boys – Mitch Jesson (sponsored by DLA Piper)

Won against Cockburn 76-71

Coach comments

  • Going into this game against a Cockburn team who’ve had an up-and-down season, we knew a win would see us finish the first round of fixtures clear on top of the ladder. So, we had a lot to play for.
  • The first half went mainly to script, with a 9-point quarter lead at the first quarter, which extended to 11 at the half.
  • The only way I can describe the second half is that we got lost, and the focus shifted to playing one-out basketball and forgetting our structures. While there were periods of good play in the second half, there were also periods where I found myself starting to draw up training plans in the game. We were still good enough to get the win by six points, but the top sides will not allow us that luxury.
  • On a positive note, it was really great to have Jaden Exeter back on court after missing a few games due to injury. And every player had moments when they stood up.
  • On the flip side, every player has to reflect on what they want to achieve as a team as we approach the second half of the season.

16-2 Boys – Dan Cartwright (sponsored by Triple Seven)

Won against Willetton 69-61

16-3 Boys – Francis Crawshaw (sponsored by Teqar IT Consulting)

Lost to East Perth 69-82

Coach comments

  • We started off slowly again. East Perth had great ball pressure, guiding us into the dead areas throughout the whole court. We needed a few more ball reversals early before the traps came. We played to their tempo of the game, letting them take control. 
  • Our rebounding was better than previous weeks, but we’re still struggling here and there on the defensive boards. 
  • Defensively, we were good in spurts. After halftime, we pressured the ball and went on a big run to close the gap from 20 points to 8 points. But then we took a few early shots that may have been ill-advised at the start of the 4th quarter, which may have helped push the Eagles lead back out to 15. 
  • Every game is a learning curve, whether you win or lose.
  • Macen Ridge had a strong game inside, grabbing rebounds, and scoring with put-backs and rolling to the bucket on our wing pick and rolls. He finished with 15 points 
  • Kimzy Matondo played well on-ball defence, getting a few steals, penetrating and finding open players, and finished with 11 points himself.

16-4 Boys – Cheyne Kerp (sponsored by Perth Safety Deposit Boxes)

Lost to Hills Raiders Green 66-82

Coach comments

  • Another tough loss for the boys, but some encouraging signs. 
  • The encouraging signs should ensure competitiveness, composure and team basketball for all 4 quarters. We started off strong in this game. Our defence and offensive plays led to a 5-point lead at the end of the 1st quarter. 
  • Unfortunately, frustration, lack of intent, shot choices, a decline in D (especially when the other team was on a fast break), and composure led to the lead slipping away in the last quarter.
  • Aiden Little started off strong in the first quarter, scoring 9 of the 19 points, and Tace Rankin tried hard in the 3rd, scoring 7 of the final 14 points.
  • Toby Schulz, Parker Dunstan and Tace led the team in steals 4, 4 and 3 respectively.
  • Parker’s recovery of the basketball not going out of bounds of the opposing team’s offensive baseline and the pass (no look) landing in the hands of Aiden was phenomenal, leading to Aiden scoring at the other end. Well done, Parker.

18-1 Girls – Stephen Charlton (sponsored by Aussie Fencing)

Lost to Warwick 30-82

Coach comments

  • Early on, we had a lot of energy and purpose, but missed shots seemed to sap our energy, and we slid into bad habits.
  • Jenna Jackson was good again – she has a good understanding of what needs to be done, and she does it.
  • Anais Adnams tried hard all game.

18-2 Girls – Steve Herring (sponsored by MD Building Maintenance)

Lost to Cockburn 43-59

Coach comments

  • This was a brave effort that saw us get close but not close enough. We again dominated the boards but could not convert as efficiently as we would normally, and that is a credit to the unrelenting defensive pressure applied by the Cougars. Nevertheless, it was another learning opportunity to reflect, regroup, and improve.
  • This week, Matilda Wyatt stepped up and contributed well on both ends
  • Jess Kerp played a dedicated role in disrupting the Cougars’ offence with good effect.
  • Chloe Chan also took an opportunity to step up after a shaky start fresh from a break. After some discussions and instructions, Chloe embraced her role and played well for the rest of the game.

18-3 Girls – Andy Zell (sponsored by High Octane Automotive Services)

Lost to Eastern Suns Orange 74-78

Coach comments

  • This week we played at home against Eastern Suns Orange. For the third week in a row, the girls started off on fire, playing high-intensity and smart basketball. We scored 27 points in the first quarter and were strong in the paint.
  • The game became a see-sawing affair, with the Suns dominating the second quarter and going into the halftime break with a nine-point lead. We dominated in the third, holding the Suns to eight points and putting a good break between us and them. Unfortunately, we were unable to finish off our good work and ended up losing by four points. 
  • While we are disappointed with the result, I am very proud of the girls’ persistence and determination to fight to the end. In the last minute of the game, we created opportunities to score and close out the margin. It’s this never-give-up attitude that will continue to hold us in good positions for the rest of the season.
  • Hannah Honczarenko had her best game for Redbacks, coming off the bench with a fantastic double-double (12 points and 16 rebounds). 
  • Indi Ballantine also had her best game this season with 10 points and 14 rebounds double, double. 
  • Fantastic effort and contributions were given by all the girls including Yusra Handule (8 points, 16 rebounds), Maddie Wade (10 points, 9 rebounds) and Em Strika (10 points) and Meiling Wang (11 points)

18-1 Boys – Andrew Logan

Won against Warwick Senators 83-77

Coach comments

  • This was an even contest the whole way through. We played well enough to win, but it was not one of our better games. We reverted to old habits of over-dribbling and the ball sticking after every pass. I’m looking forward to getting in the gym on Tuesday and reinforcing how we need to play to beat the better teams.
  • Tavian Griffiths had to play more minutes than usual this week. He was a force on the boards and when he got the ball in his strong spots. It’s great to see his fitness improving and his team helping when they needed it.

18-2 Boys – Marshall Robinson (sponsored by Integrity Fencing and Gates)

Lost to Cockburn 83-99

Coach comments

  • We started well again and had a good lead into the second term. Our man-on-man rotation slowed, and their drive and dish got them back to 1 point at half-time.
  • In the second half, we didn’t address the rotation and were down over 20 in periods of the 3rd and 4th. Defence pressure lifted, and playing full-court trap got us back to 8 with 2 minutes to go. The trap worked well, and seeing the need to adjust better in defence, including some zone at different moments in the game would have helped, I will work on this going forward.
  • Ethan Harders was driven into the court five times. He picked up three defensive charges, but it took its toll physically. 
  • Mikka Kelly keeps playing great, showing a full-court game
  • Ethan Bushby was consistent in shooting
  • Josh Welsh got to the right places earlier
  • Isaiah Robinson proved his defence and rebounds are making a difference.

18-3 Boys – Louis Timms (sponsored by Icon Plumbing Solutions)

Game postponed

18-4 Boys – Nick D’Elia (sponsored by Mortgage Choice – Emma Tyler)

Won against Rockingham 92-73

Coach comments

  • This week we were missing one of our regular starters. I put Zadyn Thomas into our starting lineup, and his tenacious defence at the head of our half-court trap got us off to an excellent start. We got up by 10 very quickly, however, they fought hard and the game evened out once again. It was a game of runs, but once we started hitting our outside shots, we took control of the game. It was an excellent team effort – everyone played well, and we extended the lead to 20 for most of the fourth quarter. 
  • Gabe Fode and Zadyn Thomas’s defensive efforts this week are worth a shout out.
  • As is the great shooting from Tyler Hirt.

21-1 Girls – John Care’ (sponsored by Fine Food WA)

Won against Warwick 79-69

Coach comments

  • The girls came prepared this week with a fire in their belly and a determination to win, and this was a game we felt we could win. 
  • The energy on court and on the bench was HUGE, LOUD and a lot of FUN.
  • We needed to believe in ourselves and our process and execute, and today we did.
  • Needless to say, it was up and down at times, but in both offence and defence. The girls made it hard for Warwick, and it was a pleasant reward after all their efforts in previous games to come away with the win. Really proud of them.
  • Sagal Elmi got into foul trouble early this week, but when she was on, she provided some great possessions of play in both offense and defence.
  • Rori Roberts continued to lead from the front and bringing her element of fun provided a scoring threat that Warwick could not stop with 20 points.
  • Grace Dalton continues to show the opposition how well she can handle the ball making her difficult to guard.
  • Ella Buxey, coming back from sickness, showed on both ends of the court how consistent she is in her game. 
  • Kirsty Slinger,the quiet but strong defender this week, showed she’s not afraid to pounce on the rebounds and become a massive threat.
  • Ainsleigh Passi’s court awareness, toughness and aggression in both offence and defence was fantastic today.
  • Hayley Shaw – WOW. Week after week Hayley has been a dominant defensive threat, blocking 3-4 shots a game and collecting the rebounds.
  • Dahney Chamberlain is gaining more confidence week after week. She applies good defensive pressure on her opponents and penetrates to the basket for some easy buckets.
  • Hannah Saliacus showed massive improvement this week. She ran the floor, was a defensive threat, applied pressure on her opponents, and crashed the boards. Hannah also finished with 9 points.
  • Grace Swann is building confidence week after week and is not afraid to get inside for a rebound and be a defensive threat.
  • Jenna Jackson stepped in for our injured player Megan. She showed great confidence and strong ability to handle the ball against some tough defenders while also scoring 14 points.

20-1 Boys – Graham Jones (sponsored by Bendigo Bank Community Bank North Perth)

Lost to Warwick 67-77

Coach comments

  • Despite facing a tough challenge with several players out due to illness and injuries, we entered the game against Warwick with high spirits and confidence. With only seven players available, the belief in our talent and team cohesion remained strong.
  • The game started off on a positive note, with our team winning the first quarter. This strong start was a testament to the determination and skill of our players. However, the following two quarters proved to be more challenging. Although there were glimpses of efficient offence and solid defence, consistently putting it all together on both ends of the court was difficult. By the end of the third quarter, we were down by over 20 points.
  • Entering the final quarter, the team showed remarkable resilience and determination. We rallied back, putting on a great basketball display and limiting our opposition to only 14 points in the fourth quarter. The team’s tremendous effort in the final quarter was commendable and showcased the spirit and potential of our squad.
  • While the game ended in a loss, the fight and heart displayed by our players, especially under such challenging circumstances, was inspiring.
  • Despite the loss, several players stood out with their individual performances:
  • Akira Rowe-Fox put in another solid performance on both ends of the floor, working especially hard defensively and setting the tone for our defensive efforts.
  • Coop Deshon had another good shooting display, continuing to be a reliable scoring option for the team.
  • Ethan Saliacus showed his fight and determination on the boards, battling hard and contributing significantly to our rebounding efforts.

20-2 Boys – Dario Povia (sponsored by Bendigo Bank Community Bank North Perth)

Won against Mandurah Gold 95-60

Coach comments

  • We had a big focus on ball pressure this week and trying to sustain 1 on 1 defence for long periods during the game. I was really pleased with our concentration and effort defensively, and we were rewarded with plenty of scoring opportunities with good conversions. 
  • Benji Berardis set the tone early, making life difficult for the opposition ball handlers
  • Andrew Chilufya came off the bench and had a great all-round game. 
  • Riley Ford was our usual “General” at both ends and is really growing as a leader in this team. Nate Lam and Ollie Hill both played important roles – in what was generally an all-round team effort
  • Really nice to get back on the board again with a win.

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