Life Member Profile – Noel Bailey

Noel Bailey has had a long association with Redbacks commencing with the club in 1973. Noel was identified as a promising player by John Wallace, who played and held positions on committees with the club from 1970 to 1980. John and Steve Beech were teachers at Applecross SHS, played for Perth and were members of the PBA Junior committee. Noel, like a number of boys, began playing for Applecross at the Perry Lakes Basketball Stadium under the guidance of John and Steve.

Noel played in the U16 and U18 teams for Perth and made the State U16 team in 1974. He played C grade for Perth in 1975 and Division 1 in 1976. By 1981 Noel was in the A grade Men’s team and played for several seasons under Coach Ian Sharp.

Noel was on the Management Council of the club from 1982 to 1985 and in that time was the Perth Club Representative on the WABF District Committee. In 1983 and 1984 he coached the District Women’s D Grade team for our club.

From 1997-2000 he was assistant coach of the U16 and U18 boys teams. From 2000 to 2007 Noel re-joined the PBA Management Council, serving in such positions as Director of Communications, Web Administrator, Membership Officer, Office Administrator, Newsletter Editor and Home Games Program Editor and Association Vice-President.

During his 45-year association with the PBA, he not only played for the club but also contributed to the PBA with his management and IT expertise. He was awarded the President’s Trophy in 1985 for his outstanding service to the club that year and in 1998 he was recorded on the Roll of Honour and awarded the Medal of Honour for his lengthy and ongoing services the PBA.

In 2007 Noel was awarded Life Membership to the Association for his services and loyalty to the club over 25 years. He is an active Life Member of the PBA and is proud to be a Redback.

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