PBA Life Member Announcement – Anthony Nixon

In October of this year, the Life Members Committee of the Perth Basketball Association received a nomination of one of our current members – Anthony Nixon – for the award of life membership.

The nomination we received was supported by very strong and detailed evidence which the members of the Life Members Committee unanimously endorsed.

The nomination not only satisfied the required criteria expected of the award but so much more.

Over a continuous period of 11 years, Anthony has served the club as a coach, referee, sponsor, member of the Board of Directors and has held elected executive positions on the board.

But there is even more which has been recognised and acknowledged by the members of the Life Members Committee. In a word it comes down to leadership.

Anthony’s style of leadership is infectious and must be evident to all who serve the club. It involves qualities that include positivity, enthusiasm, grace, gratitude and an unwavering commitment to ensuring an environment where good people are able to achieve great things. Anthony’s leadership has had an everlasting impact on the Board, our teams, our volunteers and players.

The innovations we have witnessed just this year are a testament to the enthusiastic and proactive approach of our Board of Directors under the teamwork that leadership inspires.

Outside the club, Anthony has demonstrated strong and sustained leadership with the difficult ongoing stadium negotiations which have been a goal of almost every Redbacks administration since the 1970s. He was also a key part of a very cautious and successful negotiation with regard to WA’s entry into NBL1 that provided mutual benefits for both our SBL clubs and the NBL.

On behalf of the Perth Basketball Association and the Committee of Life Members, I have the great honour of announcing the election of Anthony Nixon as a Life Member of the Perth Redbacks Basketball Association.

Presented at the 2021 AGM by Stuart Mackay – Life Member PBA

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