Last updated Friday 29 April 2022
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From 12.01am Friday 29 April, almost all COVID-related restrictions will ease in Western Australia.


These are no longer mandatory. They are no longer required to be worn at any of our indoor training, domestic, WABL and NBL1 venues.

Close contacts

You are now only considered a close contact if someone in your household has COVID.

Under the amended Directions, close contacts are still required to isolate for 7 days, however, may leave the premises at which they are isolating, subject to meeting the following conditions:

  • They are asymptomatic.
  • They undertake a daily Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) and have obtained a negative result prior to leaving their isolation premises.
  • They wear a mask when leaving the isolation premises.
  • They must not enter high-risk settings, including hospitals, health care settings, disability care facilities, aged care facilities, mental health residential facilities and correctional facilities.

If a close contact tests positive, they must isolate for a further 7 days (as is the case for all positive COVID-19 cases).

Can someone who is a close contact still attend Aussie Hoops or play Domestic/WABL/NBL1?

Yes, they can, provided they:

  • have recorded a negative RAT on the day of their game, prior to leaving their home
  • do not have any COVID symptoms
  • wear a mask at all times except when they are on the court, in the act of playing

Who to notify if you test positive

To date, whenever a player in a Redbacks Domestic, WABL or NBL1 team has tested positive for COVID, they have notified their team. We would appreciate players continuing to do this as it allows their teammates to take extra precautions.


  • The 2 square metre rule has been removed for all venues and businesses
  • Capacity limits have been removed for all entertainment venues, stadiums and events
  • Proof of vaccination is no longer required to enter venues and businesses

If you have worries or concerns that are not addressed by the above, please email

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