Redbacks 2021 Summer Domestic Season Wrap Up

After two COVID-affected seasons where we weren’t able to hold finals, our Domestic players were thrilled to be able to take part in both their semis and grand finals last Saturday. Here are the final champions and Grand Final MVPs in each Division. Congratulations to you all. And to our tireless Domestic crew for the smooth running of the summer season competition!⁣

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Under 10 Winners – South Perth Scorpions⁣

Under 12 Division 2 Winners – Panthers⁣
GF MVP – Jake Chew (Panthers)⁣

Under 14 Division 2 Winners – MM Jaguars⁣
GF MVP – Thomas Jakimowiez (MM Jaguars)⁣

Under 16 Division 2 Winners – SP Storm⁣
GF MVP – Oliver Cunningham (SP Storm)⁣

Under 18 Division 2 Winners – MM Cougars⁣
GF MVP – Joshua Richards (MM Cougars)⁣


Under 10 Winners – Mounty Boomers⁣

Under 12 Division 1 Winners Leedy Tigers⁣
GF MVP Daniel Xiaotian Jiang (Leedy Lions Tigers)⁣

Under 12 Division 2 Winners – Mounty Rockets⁣
GF MVP – Paul Liu (Mounty Rockets)⁣

Under 14 Division 1 Winners Leedy Lions Red⁣
GF MVP Mason Clark (Leedy Lions White)⁣

Under 14 Division 2 Winners – Leedy Thunder⁣
GF MVP – Thomas Gurr – Leedy Thunder⁣

Under 16 Division 1 Winners – Lightning⁣
GF MVP – Charlie Thomas (Lightning)⁣

Under 16 Division 2 Winners – Leedy Pumas⁣
GF MVP – Joshua Lucano (Leedy Pumas)⁣

Under 18 Div 1 Winners – MM Bears⁣
GF MVP – Anthony Pelle (MM Bears)⁣

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Under 12 Girls Winners – Hooper Rebels⁣
GF MVP – Malia Williams (MM Numbats)⁣

Under 14 Girls Winners – Perth Mamba Black⁣
GF MVP Harriet Woods (Hooper Meteors)⁣

Under 16/18 Girls Winners – Panthers⁣
GF MVP Jenna Jackson (Panthers)

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