Weekly WABL Wrap – Round 2 – 28 April 2024

The Weekly WABL Wrap is proudly sponsored by Woods Insurance Brokers

Here’s the Round 2 wrap-up of how all our teams went, including comments from coaches:

12-1 Girls – Marcia Dowling (sponsored by National Geotech)

Won against Eastern Suns Black 37-34

Coach comments

  • This was a consistently well-played game by every girl on the team. We had a well-trained Suns side against us; however, our team picked up their speed and passing accuracy and continued to hold small leads/lags. Our last quarter was a credit to our teamwork. As a united group, we responded so well to small, detailed changes, which allowed us to hold on for a win against a Kalamunda team who were coming hard for us.
  • Credit to Mia Exeter for helping out in the game before us and still speeding up and down the court, making her mark in our game. 
  • Olive Bird was outstanding throughout the game, bringing intensity and accuracy. 
  • Once again, Rose Bacci’s decision-making and defensive footwork were fantastic.

12-2 Girls – Paul Philpott (sponsored by Infinity Designed)

Lost to Willetton 12-52

Coach comments

  • It was a tough game for our girls! But hey, we’re just getting warmed up. Despite the scoreboard, our girls were truly impressive in defence. They fought for every ball, creating many turnovers and favourable scoring opportunities. Unfortunately, we just fell short of hitting the mark.
  • Jade Macpherson certainly turned up today when we needed her to. Her defence was great today.
  • Emily Cakar was like lightning today with her court and opponent coverage. 
  • Kate McKern played tall and was often a worry for the Tigers under the ring.

12-3 Girls – Khalid Elmi 

Lost to Cockburn 17-58

Coach comments

  • It was a tough game for our girls today, with many fouls called. But they continued to compete hard all game.
  • Lillian Inkster top scored for us with 7 points while Anja Petrovic contributed 4.

12-1 Boys – Ofir Ben Dror (sponsored by Pivot Project Consulting)

Won against Perry Lakes Hawks 55-34

Coach comments

  • For the second week in a row, we started the game really well. Every player followed the game plan and played their role. 
  • As the game went on, we gradually succumbed to the Hawks’ very good pressure defence and drifted away from our task at hand. 
  • We fixed a few issues in the last quarter, which hopefully will translate into a more consistent performance in the coming weeks.
  • Victor Muyna kept showing leadership from the front with a good defensive performance, guarding their star player and also scoring well from behind the arc.
  • Jimmy Holzheimer took care of their giant player and stopped him from impacting the scoreboard.

12-2 Boys – Dom Pitchen (sponsored by Sushi Wawa)

Lost to Willetton Tigers White 33-75

Coach comments

  • The boys did well to stay positive and motivate each other through out the game.
  • Talin McCullough provided good leadership and brought positive energy to the team on and off the court today.
  • Elliot Grierson was hustling and putting his body on the line every play he was involved in.

12-3 Boys – Craig Dropulich (sponsored by Profusion Planning)

Won against Cockburn 40-33

Coach comments

  • The first home game of the year, and I must give loads of credit to my boys. They came to play. We started a little slow, but that is normal for us at the moment. We were good on defence all day but have a few parts of defence to work on. Effort was really high all game against an aggressive team in the Cougars. We got behind early and worked hard on our offense to bridge the gap and start to get good looks at the basket. We had a much stronger second quarter putting down 15 points to take control of the game. Combine this with our massive third-quarter defensive effort to hold them to 4 points. Up 12 to start the last, we tired a little and eased off on the closeouts to give up the first 7 points. A few adjustments were needed by me to rectify parts of our defence this week. We held on and had some timely baskets by Rintaro Haginiwa, Xavier Coombe and Eli Devitt, along with some smart possessions to wind down the clock. There is a bit to work on this week, but it was a great game and a well-deserved win. Keep it up, boys. Let’s keep learning and growing.
  • I must also thank the club for getting Adam Gunnis down to help with player and coaching development. His knowledge and commitment to improving the Redbacks is already paying huge dividends to our team and my coaching. 
  • Rintaro Haginiwa had a great game, scoring 8 points and playing as a dominant big man on the court. Rintaro has not played a lot of games of basketball at all but is taking everything in his stride. Playing really good minutes and getting his role down pat in games. He always has a big smile on his face so I know he is having loads of fun too.
  • Aiden Morgan was also very good today. He brought great energy, defence and speed to our game. He also listens very well and takes everything on board to improve his game. The improvement in his defensive game is fantastic, and paired with Xavier, they are becoming an impenetrable guard formation on our defence.
  • Xavier Coombe controlled our offence very well and ran our set plays very well making good decisions from great reads of the opposition defences presented to him. He also drove well and scored 12 points. Well done Xavier. Let’s keep it up and continue to get better.

12-4 Boys – Wayne Dropulich (sponsored by Playa Coffee)

Won against Mandurah 40-37

Coach comments

  • Magic started fast in this game, getting out to a 5-0 lead. Our boys then rallied as a team with 5 different scorers to end the first quarter up 12-8. The Magic came back in the second quarter to hold a 19-point lead at half time.
  • We struggled a little during the third quarter giving up too many fouls as a team which the Magic converted into 5 made free throws for the quarter.
  • Late in the third, we were down 30-22 before we went on a 14-2 run to lead 36-32. The Magic pushed back to level the score to 37-37 with about a minute to go. Tom then stepped up with a 3-point shot with 25 seconds to go. The boys then stayed calm under pressure, defending well, to hold on to the 3-point lead for the win.
  • The boys were so excited to get their first win of the season. From a coaching perspective, we improved our rebounding thanks to the bigs and showed improvement in our defensive efforts.
  • Well done boys.
  • Thomas Stephenson had a great game, scoring 12 points and working really hard on defence, causing many turnovers. Tom also got a 3-pointer late in the game to give us the lead. The first 3-pointer for our team for the season and only the second boy in the division to score a 3.
  • Braxton Lackovic dominated the boards all day, leading the team with 15 rebounds and scoring 8 points. Brax also got his team and the crowd going crazy with a massive chase-down block on what would have been an easy fast-break layup.

14-1 Girls – Simon Daff (sponsored by Australian Financial Planners)

Won against Rockingham 54-47

Coach comments

  • This was a very hard, scrappy, fought-out win. Both teams had many turnovers due to poor decision-making. We managed to play good pressure defence and rebound very well to keep us in the game. In the end, we rallied in the last 6 minutes to play our style of play. That led us on a 16-to-2 run to finish the game and come away with the win.
  • Olivia Birsa had another great game. She came into the game not feeling 100 percent and I had to manage her minutes. She fought hard and her efforts in the last 5 minutes to score inside the paint and rebound well helped us to a good win.
  • Hayley Hill was solid for four quarters but really shone in the final quarter. She rebounded, played physical which resulted in a few steals then hit some clutch shots in the last few minutes to push the lead out.
  • Chelsea Karsum had a great game off the bench. Her energy was infectious and when we struggled in the second quarter she kept us in it. She was active, played strong solid pressure defence and rebounded well which lifted up the girls around her.

14-2 Girls – Reid Ballantine (sponsored by Fish Boss)

Won against Perth Redbacks Black 45-26

Coach comments

  • A derby against the younger Redbacks team who impressed us with their early intensity and their tight defence of the paint really contained us, so it was a really tense opening quarter tied 4-4. 
  • In the second quarter, we gave them too much space, which they attacked and finished strong inside, so the arm wrestle continued.
  • Late in the second, we broke away, transitioning a lot faster, bypassing defence, creating an advantage and passing the ball well to generate an unanswered 16-point run right through Q3.
  • In the fourth, we tried really hard to execute an overload play ‘Magic’ but we rushed the timing and got tangled a few times, so we can improve on this. Meanwhile, our friends stole the momentum and fought the game out with their own 7-point run to tie the fourth. 
  • A nice win on our side, but a very hard-fought and good-spirited derby.
  • Nora Herring-Ostermeyer started our breakaway by fighting hard for the ball, generating steals, and really igniting our game. 
  • Soniya Karimi and Cyra Olowoyo showed great defence on and off the ball and were involved in a good stream of steals.
  • Teah James ate it up – open a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show. Teah played with great tempo and confidence, skilful ball handling and footwork, great playmaking and a solid 14 points in the paint.
  • It was wonderful to celebrate Harper Grace’s 50th WABL game for the Redbacks. We are blessed to have her on our team. She is a talented and happy player, a great leader on the court, and an absolute pleasure to coach.

14-3 Girls – Helen Pardini (sponsored by Access Hire)

Lost to Redbacks Red 26-45

Coach comments

  • This was the first of three derbies we will play this season and a great test for us against a really good side. 
  • We had a great first half. Our defence held strong, we forced turnovers, and we fought hard for the ball. Our ball movement and spacing in transition improved from the previous week, and we were right in the game going into halftime.
  • We struggled to score in the third quarter and let Redbacks Red go on a 12-0 run. 
  • The one thing that really impresses me about this group of girls is that they never give up. They gave it their all in the fourth, continued their defensive pressure from the first half and tied the quarter 11-11. 
  • The last two minutes really showed their potential—they were relentless on defence, we forced turnovers, and they created scoring opportunities to finish on a 7-0 run.
  • Eloise O’Shea had a hand in everything; she read their playbook fantastically, disrupted their offence and came away with many defensive stops.
  • Molly Nicholas put in a huge effort defensively and was rewarded with a number of steals and defensive stops.
  • Isabel Nesa was also great defensively; she rebounded well, pulling down five rebounds and walled up perfectly to come away with three blocks.

14-4 Girls – Rori Roberts (sponsored by Habitat Finance)

Lost to Kalamunda 28-29

Coach comments

  • A game of momentum swings for sure. We started off really slow but managed to get back into the lead after the first quarter after a massive 3 by Winnie Devitt.
  • In the second half, the girls did a really good job of playing through a lot of contact. 
  • It was a pretty good game to watch
  • Ally Taylor did all the little things for us. Got in and under for rebounds and gave us lots of energy off the bench.
  • Matilda Thompson is a strong body under the basket grabbing so many rebounds all game and playing amazing defence.
  • Also Isla Cowman, who wasn’t meant to play cause she wasn’t feeling great stepped up and played really well

14-1 Boys – Ben Hamilton (sponsored by Geist Consulting)

Won against Joondalup 80-60

Coach comments

  • We set the game up in the first half with a 26-point lead off high-pressure full-court man-on-man defence, generating 15 steals while only conceding 5 points in transition. 
  • The second half was a lot more competitive, as we contended with some great teamwork and shooting, but the result was never really in doubt after such a dominant first half.
  • Will Hemingway was outstanding at both ends of the court. His pressure slowed their offence and set up our transition offence. He gave 5 assists while scoring 12 points and picking up 11 rebounds. His physicality and speed were often the difference and were very difficult for the Wolves to handle. 
  • Matt Lucano repeated his round 1 performance with 14 points at 86% along with 5 steals and 7 rebounds. He stabilises our team, allowing us to balance velocity and composure as a leader in the team. 
  • After playing in foul trouble in round 1, it was great to see Christian Cvitan in full flight this game. His anticipation and timing seem to put him in the right place at the right time, making him invaluable in defence and very crafty on offense. His composure as a first-time WABL player is really impressive.

14-2 Boys – Fletcher Clemmence (sponsored by Ponosh Vascular)

Won against Redbacks Black 62-60

Coach comments

  • We started off strongly against a well-coached and hard-nosed team. After we managed to get a lead of 20, our opponent did a great job of putting pressure on our ball handlers and forcing turnovers while converting on the fast break, bringing it to a 2-point game in the end.
  • Jacob Tan played a huge role offensively for us in the first half 
  • Tom Coppard played his first WABL game and came in with a great amount of energy; congratulations, Tom.

14-3 Boys – Brad Holyoak (sponsored by Westbeck Capital)

Lost to Redbacks Red 61-63

Coach comments

  • We started slowly again and were down by 20+ at half-time. But the resilience and never-say-die attitude of this team came out. We worked hard, stuck to our game plan, and ground our way back into the game to finish just 2 points short at the end. Very proud of the grit and toughness this team showed against a bigger and more physical opponent. Well done fellas
  • Beau Morgan was fantastic all game today. He worked hard at it, head over the ball, and if it was there to be won, he was under the pack getting it done. 
  • Franek Cytowski’s smoothly ran the ball through their pressure and traps. Hey played like a duck: cool and calm on the surface and paddling like the devil underneath. 
  • Nathan Jetajobe had a quiet first half but stood up big in the second half and made the big plays when it mattered most

14-4 Boys – Ethan Saliacus (sponsored by Skyward Roof Plumbing)

Lost to Mandurah 39-63

Coach comments

  • The game was solid all around, except for us getting beaten on the boards and committing a few bad turnovers. This led to Mandurah having more possessions and their lead being more than what the game really was. Overall, this was a much better offensive team game than last week. We continue to have a few things to work on in defence. 
  • Lucas Blackmore was once again a beast on the boards, got some good looks on offence and ended up with a double-double 
  • Kruz Viesca was amazing – providing energy and speed down the court which led to some handy buckets
  • Caelan Howell, in his first year of WABL, has been improving each week at training and that showed as his help defence was amazing

16-1 Girls – Sam Fox (sponsored by Sushi Wawa)

Won against Lakeside Lightning 68-59

Coach comments (Zach Makavilitogia)

  • After kick-starting our season off the right way in Round 1 – the girls came in with a renewed focus for the week in preparation for a tough Lakeside Lightning outfit.
  • And that’s exactly what we got!
  • Lakeside came out of the blocks strong and once we weathered their early onslaught and settled into our own game, we were able to execute our sets and slow things down by getting to the foul line.
  • There was not much separating either side throughout the game which saw multiple lead changes – neither team really being able to establish a comfortable buffer going into the fourth.
  • Ultimately, it was the girls’ commitment to our defensive principles which got us over the line.
  • We forced some crucial turnovers which we were able to convert into points – coupled with some timely buckets down the stretch to put the result beyond doubt.
  • Overall, a gritty win which really tested our character and resolve.
  • Leeshar and Mafa Tuialii led the charge, staying aggressive on the attacking end – their 3-level scoring on full display.
  • Grace Butcher continues to provide great impact off the bench, bringing great energy and toughness any time she steps on the floor. She was relentless on the boards at both ends.
  • Special mention to Lailah Tasker who also brought up 50 WABL games for the club – a huge milestone!

16-2 Girls – Vance Karimi (sponsored by Packaging Perth)

Lost to Redbacks Black 48-51

Coach comments

  • What a great derby game against our Redbacks team Black. It was close all game with some intense tight moments. We had our opportunities with many shots rimming out and forced our fair share. Every week, the girls gel more with each other and learn how to push different boundaries. This week we maintained an aggressive denial throughout the game to contest every pass but were mindful of backdoor cuts. We had much better help defence this week to force the extra play.
  • Charlie Foster lifted her defence to another level. I asked all players to deny aggressively, and Charlie applied huge pressure throughout the game, taking away the primary ball handlers, contesting every opportunity and forcing turnovers everywhere for her teammates.
  • Sam Morgan had a cracking game, pressured the mid-court to get turnovers and pushed the ball in our transition offence with some really smart passes. She hustled on loose balls and nailed an amazing three in the final seconds and went to the line for an extra opportunity.
  • Izzy Swann pressured the other team in transition defence, anticipating and reading passes well. She used her lightning pace to disturb several plays in transition defence, diving and contesting everything that was remotely near her.

16-3 Girls – Dave Ogden (sponsored by Kai Rho Consulting)

Won against Redbacks Red 51-48

Coach comments

  • This was a classic derby game, where effort and D were where the game would be won or lost.
  • Both sides had their moments in a tight contest.
  • Our girls fought hard and ended up on the right side of the box score holding our opponent to sub 50 for the second week in a row.
  • Scarlett Hill top scored with 13.
  • Abigail Leslie had some clutch free throws to finish on 10.
  • Lottie Ballantine had 9 points including two important baskets down the stretch. Lottie locked down our key and would have had at least 10 boards in an all-round display. 
  • Ani Farrant was disruptive on the defensive end and gave us some poise on the ball.

16-4 Girls – Veni Iuli (sponsored by Professional Web Solutions)

Won against Lakeside Lightning White 62-46

Coach comments

  • We started this round with a hiss and a roar, which we then let slip away through unforced turnovers and poor decision-making. But we were still able to withstand our opponent’s pressure and, as a team, grind out a solid performance. 
  • We’re slowly but surely starting to build some great combinations and trust as a team. 
  • A much earned improvement from last week where as the game went on, the confidence and improvements came to the foe.
  • This week’s defensive improvement was another step up from last week. Alessia Wladyka led the charge, with Meg White and Nadia Slee working tirelessly in support. 
  • Both Emily Flynn and Emily Rizkalla helped keep the score ticking over, while Ella Djurasovic, Macaela Tugwell, Claudia Zell and Daisy Dalla-costa came up big when needed.

16-1 Boys – Mitch Jesson (sponsored by DLA Piper)

Won against Warwick 88-82

Coach comments

  • A week is a long time in basketball. After a disappointing first round, we faced our second away game against a Senators team that had some very talented players.
  • We started fast (a rarity for us), and I’m really proud of how the boys played within our structure (and funnily enough, things just happen when you do that).
  • Our dominant rebounding (60-46) powered our transition game, and when faced with a zone, we were able to hit 9 from three-point land at 41%.
  • Free throws and consistent effort are where our focus is this week.
  • Flynn Hamilton had quite the game. He consistently cleaned the boards at both ends, as well as finishing off a lot of good work from his teammates. 20 points (8/14), 2 x 3s (@100%) and 9 boards.
  • Ewan Maclean had a lovely stat line: 11 points (5/8), 4 boards, 3 assists and a steal. It is, however, Ewan’s ability to bring the ball up the floor under extreme pressure that I want to highlight. They bumped, knocked, and tripped (accidentally) – Ewan just keeps going and setting up teammates or scoring.
  • Tait Dalton wears his heart on his sleeve and had a really good rebounding game (10 boards) to go along with his 14 points, steal and a block. I was really proud that after a couple of calls not going our way, he just kept on working – a fine game.

16-2 Boys – Dan Cartwright (sponsored by Triple Seven)

Won against Willetton 89-74

Coach comments 

  • We pressured the other team from the start and our bench really lifted in this particular game. I’m really proud of the effort all round for our boys this game.
  • The 4 players I was really impressed with this game were Hunter Mettam, Koby Kalebic, Riley Thill and our train-on Anthony Laurie.
  • Hunter, Koby and Riley are leading the way with their decision-making, resilience and willingness to play the right way. 
  • Anthony came to play today with his impressive defence, executing his defensive assignment really well.

16-3 Boys – Francis Crawshaw (sponsored by Teqar IT Consulting)

Won against Willetton Tigers 84-66

Coach comments

  • We started slowly in this game, despite having a good Wednesday training. Turnovers and not committing to our defensive principles again, wanting to shoot the gap or gamble too often and leaving driving lanes wide open. This same Willetton go on a 13-22 run. 
  • Going into our full/half-court traps, we pressured and worked hard, got Willetton to make mistakes and turned the ball over; it helped us close the lead at the end of the first quarter. 22-16 
  • We carried that momentum and intensity into the second, got consecutive stops, progressed to fast break buckets, and got more offensive opportunities. 
  • Our offensive execution was up and down, but when it broke down, we used individual talent to keep the scoreboard ticking over. We also recognised mismatches which we took advantage of. 
  • There were a few missed assignments on the defensive boards, which gave Willetton second-chance points, but overall, I was very happy with our performance. 
  • James Galvin led all scorers again with 32 points, running/pushing the ball in transition and finding easy driving lanes in the half and quarter court.
  • Toby Summers played a huge role for us. It may not show on the stat sheet, but his defensive effort/intensity was a big part of why we went on scoring runs.

16-4 Boys – Cheyne Kerp (sponsored by Perth Safety Deposit Boxes)

Lost to Eastern Suns 70-90

Coach comments

  • This was a tough contest for the boys. Every time the Suns would get a lead, we managed to claw back the deficit. 
  • Unfortunately, in the last quarter, we lost composure, leading to poor decision-making and shot selection. 
  • The boys know what they need to work on which will be a big part of our next training session.
  • Matjaz Solich was a solid contributor, knocking down 18 points but was more important on the boards, grabbing 19, a double-double; well done. 
  • It’s good to see Jake Chew get some reward for effort, knocking down 10 points and being disruptive on D.

18-1 Girls – Shaun Alvar (sponsored by Aussie Fencing)

Lost to Lakeside 28-102

Coach comments

  • This game was always going to present a challenge given we’re in Champs Division and were missing a couple of key players come tip-off.
  • The short summary is, we struggled to stop Lakeside scoring while also struggling to get on the scoreboard ourselves. Blaise Stancil and Matilda Thomson led the way on the scoresheet for us with 10 and 6 points respectively.
  • Not the best WABL game for Matilda to experience as her 50th in Redbacks colours, but congrats to her for this wonderful milestone.

18-2 Girls – Steve Herring (sponsored by MD Building Maintenance)

Won against Redbacks Black 77-35

Coach comments

  • Our first derby of the season featured a very competitive first quarter before finding some dominating top form for periods in each quarter after that. The team achieved the goals set for the game, which were to win rebounds and contested balls and to be patient in the offence when needed. Help defence to close out the key was also coming together. It was a great effort and also great to see some unlikely heros step up.
  • Chloe Chan was our top rebounder and demonstrated excellent hustle and court positioning.
  • Lilliana Flynn was really effective all around on court – great supporting player and smart scoring
  • Amina Handule demonstrated strong post and under-the-basket work

18-3 Girls – Andy Zell (sponsored by High Octane Automotive Services)

Lost to Redbacks Red 77-35

Coach comments

  • This week, we had a tough assignment playing in our first derby against the Redbacks 18-2 girls. We began the game a little nervous and found ourselves playing from behind. The 18-2s structured their full-court defence well, and we found it difficult to get our offensive transition game going, leading to some unfortunate turnovers at half-court. 
  • Our girls played with excellent intensity throughout the game. We showed good game fitness and played hard across all four quarters, never dropping the intensity even when the game was out of reach. 
  • I’m proud of the way the girls adjusted to the difficult conditions. When our primary offence was defended, the girls shifted to a secondary set up that created many chances but were unlucky with some of our finishing. In addition, our girls adjusted from last week’s game and reduced the number of fouls in the contest.
  • Special mention this week goes to our captain, Alex Temby, who worked tirelessly and selflessly leading our offense in trying conditions. She played fantastic defence to push her opponents into difficult and low-percentage shots, driving deep into the paint all day and creating chances for herself and her teammates. 
  • Special mention also to our vice-captain Izzy Cobb, who played her best game in Redbacks colours, fighting hard on the court, scoring in transition, shooting threes, grabbing rebounds and playing excellent shut down defence. 
  • Final mention this week goes to Alice Inman who brings a fantastic energy to our team. Coming off the bench, she recorded an outstanding 12 rebounds and 2 blocks while delivering pinpoint passes to our players leading to the basket.

18-1 Boys – Andrew Logan

Lost to South West Slammers 89-95

Coach comments

  • Close game all the way against an opposition of equal quality. Not making the most of easy opportunities and wasting possessions, combined with some great shot-making from Slammer, saw this one slip away in the fourth.
  • Jude Garbenis competed hard all game on both ends of the floor. He found ways to score and was assigned the task of guarding the opposition’s best player. Solid game. 
  • David Moore was deadly in transition today and finished with 19 points. His attack on the ring was first-rate.

18-2 Boys – Marshall Robinson (sponsored by Integrity Fencing and Gates)

Won against Mandurah Magic Gold 92-80

Coach comments

  • A good win for us. This game was all about defence, in particular, adjusting our defensive transition. We went on the attack in defence putting the opposition under pressure. We controlled the ball offensively, creating scoring opportunities. Overall, we improved on our team work and effort.
  • James Reid showed good shooting poise – playing his first game for the season after being unwell
  • Mikka Kelly demonstrated great attack on the ring
  • Tomas Jaramillo’s defence kept the opposition on their toes.

18-3 Boys – Louis Timms (sponsored by Icon Plumbing Solutions)

Lost to East Perth 75-82

Coach comments

  • East Perth played a very good game with some stand-out performances from a talented cohort of players, none more than their number 66, who had 28 points and at least 8 offensive rebounds.
  • Rebounding was a huge issue for us in the game and we will look to fix that up for next week.
  • I was very pleased with the boys’ effort to get the game back to a tie in the fourth quarter after being down by as many as 17 points.
  • Hamish Gibson was excellent offensively (18 points) and really sparked our fourth-quarter comeback with some big shots. 
  • Michael Ryan’s presence late in the game really anchored the team defensively as well.
  • Congrats to Jay Hazell who played his 50th WABL game for Redbacks in this game.

18-4 Boys – Nick D’Elia (sponsored by Mortgage Choice – Emma Tyler)

Won against Slammers 79-58

Coach comments

  • The boys played really well. Slammers played a 2-3 zone all game and this caught us off guard initially as we’d been preparing for man-on-man. The boys adjusted really well on the fly. Everyone got great minutes. It was a great team win
  • Noah Baker played with great energy and filled the back door on the zone offense perfectly. 
  • Hamza Elmi showed up with a great attitude and played a very disciplined game sticking to the game plan. 
  • I could keep going and name all the players – everyone played well and made a strong contribution.

21-1 Girls – John Care’ (sponsored by Fine Food WA)

Lost to Lakeside Lightning 37-70

Coach comments

  • The game kicked off sluggishly, and our main hurdle was summoning the confidence to perform. Our struggle intensified as mistakes piled up and turnovers became unforgiving.
  • However, in the second half, the girls showcased their capabilities, executing both offense and defence effectively. These small victories were exactly what we were aiming for.
  • Hannah Saliacus stepped up to keep her player out of the game and delivered 13 points.
  • Kirsty Slinger’s second-half defence was fantastic – she really stepped up and executed well.
  • Megan Taylor was great in both defence and offense, however injury kept her off the court in the final quarter
  • Huge thanks to Ella Ferris for stepping up and filling in this weekend – she played a great game contributing on the boards and 5 points.

20-1 Boys – Graham Jones (sponsored by Bendigo Bank Community Bank North Perth)

Lost to Lakeside Lightning 100-73

Coach comments

  • This week’s game demonstrated both resilience and challenges for us. Coming off a tough loss last week, the team entered the game with a strong determination to improve and show their capabilities. Initially, we managed to keep pace with the opposition, showcasing a concerted effort that was both impressive and promising. We ended the first half down by only 5 points, an indication of the close competition and our solid performance.
  • Our offense looked more fluid compared to last week, and our defence had tightened up significantly. This gave us a good foundation as we headed into the second half. We ended the third quarter down by 9 points, but we were in a position with a fighting chance and everything still to play for.
  • As the fourth quarter began, it became evident that our energy levels were not sustaining the highs needed to keep up the intensity. The effort and execution that had kept us in the game earlier seemed to wane, and unfortunately, we couldn’t regain our earlier momentum. The game ended with a disappointing 23-point deficit.
  • Despite the tough loss, it’s important to recognise the positives and the improvement from last week’s performance. We showed that we could compete strongly and improve in key areas. We will take these lessons, work on maintaining our energy and focus throughout the whole game and prepare to come back stronger in our next match.
  • We saw a good spread of points across the team, which is hopefully a sign of things to come. Special mentions go to:
  • Ethan Saliacus, who was particularly impressive, leading us in scoring with  17 and making significant contributions on both ends of the floor.
  • Cooper Deshon bounced back with a solid scoring performance (15 points) after a below-par showing in the first game.
  • Aiden Cannington, consistently delivered in scoring (15 points) and contributed with more assists, playing a crucial role in our offense.
  • We will take these lessons, work on maintaining our energy and focus throughout the game, and prepare to come back stronger in our next match.

20-2 Boys – Dario Povia (sponsored by Bendigo Bank Community Bank North Perth)

Lost to East Perth Eagles Blue 77-109

Coach comments

  • This week, we faced a big, strong East Perth 1s side who missed out on qualifying for the Championship Division. It really showed us how much harder we need to work, especially in defence. The communication wasn’t anywhere near where we wanted it to be, and things we practised and worked on at training weren’t being executed in our game plan, but we were also unlucky with a lot of our shots.
  • Hamish Elder, one of our starters, was unfortunate in getting fouled out, and we really missed him on the court. We had two new players play for the first time this season, Casey Harris and Andrew Chilufya, and they both gave it their all and tried their best. I felt we were definitely competitive and evenly matched, especially in the first half, but we weren’t consistent enough to stay with them.
  • Riley Ford showed great discipline on both sides of the courts (offensively and defensively)
  • Benji Berardis gave his typical energy and attacking style for most of the game, he led the boys throughout.
  • It was good to see Max Millard implement techniques we used in training.
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