Zero-tolerance behaviour policy

All participants involved in PBA programs must accept responsibility for their behaviour.

Perth Redbacks reserves the right to ask any coach, manager, player, parent or spectator to immediately leave the venue should they;

  • Wilfully question or challenge the rulings of the referees
  • Berate or abuse referees
  • Berate or abuse players
  • Wilfully question or challenge the coach or team manager in public
  • Wilfully question or challenge the score bench or officials
  • Berate or abuse other parents or spectators
  • Display conduct which is inappropriate in a sporting environment

No warnings will be given in the event of the above action becoming necessary.

Any such ejection or failure to leave the venue will be referred to Perth Redbacks Board which may result in further formal actions being put in place.

The adoption of this Zero-Tolerance policy is essential in our club as we nurture a safe competitive environment for all participants in a fun and positive family atmosphere.

We ask all of our Redbacks family to enthusiastically support our family-friendly environment with support for Zero Tolerance and as such we ask all of the Redbacks family to not tolerate adverse behaviours of those around them.

The PBA Board

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