Meet the Board – Grant Yonge, Vice-President

Grant Yonge first joined the Redbacks family when his oldest son Ryan started out in Aussie Hoops over ten years ago. Now 16, Ryan plays in the U18 WABL division, and he and his younger brother Nate are active referees at Domestic and WABL level.

Grant joined the Perth Redbacks board at the end of the 2017 season for two main reasons.

The first was that both his boys were becoming more involved around the club. He and wife Shelley have always believed that the more you get involved in the communities you surround your kids with, the more everybody gets out of it.

The second was a coffee he had with President Anthony Nixon. Grant really liked the vision Anthony had for where the Perth Redbacks was headed, and it was clear Grant had some specific skills that could help that vision become reality.

So how did Grant go from being a Board member to being Vice-President?

Well, he spent some time developing strategy documents for the club after his first Board meeting, mainly so he could get his head around everything that was going on. The Board lacked a VP at the time, and after Anthony saw Grant’s work on the strategy documents, he suggested to Grant that he might want to pick up some of the club-related tasks that a VP would typically do. Grant’s response was ‘Yeah sure, whatever you need – happy to help.’  Cue the next board meeting and Anthony proudly announced to all present, ‘Good news, Grant’s agreed to be Vice President – all in favour?’ And the rest, as they say, is history.

Grant handled that sudden and unexpected elevation to the VP role with aplomb. He notes that while much has changed in his three years as a Board member, what hasn’t changed is the unwavering belief in where Perth Redbacks, as a club, is headed.

His involvement continues to be driven by a vision for a community-based, experience-driven basketball club. He feels many people think that joining a board is about ego and prestige, but the truth is, it’s about serving others.

Grant has had the privilege of meeting so many amazing people throughout the Redbacks community, and while he can continue to serve, and develop others who understand where the Perth Redbacks is headed, he’ll continue to stay involved.


Grant holds a Bachelor of Business (Hotel Management major) from Griffith University in QLD and is a Certified Customer Service Manager with the Customer Service Institute of Australia.

He also holds qualifications in governance and Front line management.


Grant is Head of Strategy, Governance and Administration at the YMCA and prior to his current role has held senior management positions for several iconic WA brands in either Program management or Contact Centre Management over the last 20 years.

Other memberships

  • Fremantle Football Club (not current, but still a Freo tragic)
  • Heirisson Island Tournament Waterski Club

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  1. Linda & Andy Duke-Yonge

    So proud of everything you do Grant. Your enthusiasm and commitment to everything you take on is incredible.

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