Ella Dimanlig excited by new team and new role in 2021

It’s a conversation that started a couple of years ago so we’re excited to welcome young gun Ella Dimanlig to the Perth Redbacks in 2021. After playing in a younger, less experienced East Perth SBL team for the past two seasons, competing for playing minutes in the Redbacks 2021 team is going to be a new challenge – but it’s one Ella is up for.

What made Ella decide to make the move?

“Michelle Fletcher (Redbacks NBL1 Assistant Coach) had been speaking to our aunty about coming across. We (Ella and sister Mya) ended up staying with East Perth in 2020 but for 2021 decided to join Redbacks and find out what it’s all about.”

Was the lack of results at East Perth challenging to deal with?

“It definitely was at times. I’m really competitive and always want to win, and we didn’t get the chance to do that too often. Hopefully, that changes here at the Redbacks.”

How’s Ella settling in?

“It was quite nerve-wracking walking in on that first night of training. But I have played with Del before at East Perth. So having that familiar face was helpful to settling in. We also play against a few of the girls in 3×3 on a Thursday night, so we also knew a few of them from there.

It also helped to have Mya make the move with me. We like to support each other in everything we do and it’s always nice having her there by my side.”

Were the sisters always going to make the move together?

“We had talked about how if opportunities for us were better for one of us elsewhere we would separate. It wasn’t like we needed to be joined at the hip. But I think we’re both happy it’s worked out this way.”

What’s Ella looking forward to this season?

“I think this team can be really good between the experienced players we have and the coaches we have in Craig and Michelle. I’m looking forward to developing here and being part of a strong team.”

NBL1 Head Coach Craig Allen is excited to see what Ella can produce this season:

“It is always great to have quality people join our Redbacks family and it has been very pleasing to see Ella join our group and work hard to achieve her basketball goals. Ella has been in and around the SBL system for a couple of years now, growing and developing her game and working hard to create opportunities. She is a good shooter with a good understanding of the game having recently made the UWA team that will be competing in the newly formed national University Basketball League. These qualities very much fit our Redbacks program and we’re very much hoping we can create opportunities for Ella to achieve her goals. It’s exciting to have quality people like Ella join our program.”

NBL1 Director Nathan Barns is pleased to welcome Ella and sister Mya to the squad:

“Whilst their time at the Redbacks has only been short we have impressed with what they bring to our team. To have young guns want to join the Redbacks is a credit to our club and coaching team and we are excited to see what Ella and Mya can bring to NBL1.”

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