Development and growth the goals for Mya Dimanlig in 2021

Moving to a new club when you’ve played all your junior and senior basketball for another is always a daunting prospect. It says a lot about our program that Mya Dimanlig has decided to make that move with sister Ella in 2021 and we’re excited to have her in the squad.

Was it tough to leave East Perth?

“It was definitely a hard decision because I’ve been at East Perth all my juniors. But it was tough times at East Perth with the inexperience of our team making it difficult to win games. Walking into training at Redbacks for the first time was daunting because these people you play against are now your teammates. But the opportunity to learn from the likes of Jjay, Maddie and Mak is exciting and one I’m looking forward to taking advantage of. This also looks to be a really good team and I think it’s one that can win plenty of games.”

What does she think that first game against East Perth will be like?

“I reckon I’ll be pretty nervous, but it will be exciting at the same time. It will be good to get that first game against them out of the way.”

What are Mya’s goals for the coming season?

“I’m hoping to get a bit more confidence in my game and to grow and develop as both a player and as a person. I feel like this will be the best place for me to achieve that.”

NBL1 Head Coach Craig Allen is keen to help Mya achieve those goals:

“Mya joins her sister in moving across to Redbacks and it’s always pleasing to see quality people join our program. Depth of character is essential to any successful organisation. Mya has a great work ethic and a strong inside presence and will fit nicely into our group. I look forward to seeing her developing and growing her game as part of our young group of players building a great future for our club. I look forward to what Mya can bring both this year and into the future.”

NBL1 Director Nathan Barns is pleased to welcome Mya and sister Ella to the squad:

“Whilst their time at the Redbacks has only been short we have impressed with what they bring to our team. To have young guns want to join the Redbacks is a credit to our club and coaching team and we are excited to see what Mya and Ella can bring to NBL1.”

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