We can build a new 12-court stadium for Perth


We can build a new 12-court stadium for Perth

In our most ambitious campaign to date, on behalf of our community and the indoor sporting community of Perth more broadly, we have launched a campaign to achieve


We need a home ground. We need a single location for our clubs, teams, players and fans.

We also know that, beyond our needs, the indoor court situation in Perth is at a critical stage.

Too many young sportspeople from many sports are missing out. Too many sporting groups, clubs and associations, like ours, are stretched thin over dozens of small venues.

The time for action is now. We must work together.

We are taking decisive action and have launched a public campaign calling for a new stadium in Perth. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the issues facing indoor sports clubs and teams in the inner metropolitan region and provide a solution that will have a positive, long-term impact. We’re asking everyone with an interest and passion for sport, including players, coaches, referees, fans, administrators, community groups, and schools, to sign our petition.

With the support of our local member, the Hon Hannah Beazley MLA, we intend to present this petition to the WA Parliament in mid-August. 

We’re calling for funding and land to make real our vision for a new stadium for Perth.

A place to call home.


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