Weekly WABL Wrap – Round 12

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Here’s how our Round 12 WABL games went.

Women’s results and coach comments

12 Red – Emma Ormond

Won against Cockburn Cougars 57-29

Emma loved seeing:

  • The girls’ desire for the ball and the win. Every single girl was giving me 110% effort when they were on the court. 
  • The girls putting everything we’ve been working on in training to work: pass and cut, split line defence, whilst also staying composed during the game.
  • Millie Stancil was probably our biggest source of energy this weekend. I would especially like to highlight her defence in the full court, causing turnovers and pressuring the guards to make decisions. Millie’s transition defence was at the standard that we have set for the team with a chase down causing the other team to miss a fast break lay-up.
  • Sienna Duong’s ability to keep her composure and not force shots was great to see this weekend. Sienna’s spacing on offence caused lots of open shots for both her and her teammates.

12 White – John Care

Won against Cockburn 61-12

John loved seeing: 

  • The whole team rebounded well this week to dominate against Cockburn. Their pressure in defence and awesome finishing in offence today was really pleasing.
  • The whole team played really well and should all be acknowledged for their game today and effort.
  • However a special mention to Imogen Reiger-Ross, Ava Wolfenden and Mila Reyes for taking it up an extra notch against Cockburn.

14 Red – Bri Bailey

Lost to Rockingham Black 56-20

Bri loved seeing:

  • After a slow start, the girls really stuck together and used each other as motivation to push through the game. They worked together and moved the ball well.
  • Isabelle Wolfenden and Ashlyn Steer’s boxing out and hustle after the rebounds. 
  • Jenna Jackson and Abbey Macham getting the ball up the floor to open teammates.

14 White – Haylee Smyth

Won against Lakeside 58-22

Hayley loved seeing: 

  • We managed to get through our offensive set which was positive. We also had some great transition passing up the court.
  • Ebony Cox was excellent today, one of her best games for the season. She was aggressive offensively and her rebounding was outstanding. 
  • Blaise Stancil was aggressive and getting after the ball today, causing multiple jump balls. 
  • Miki Deshon was again outstanding as a point guard with her ability to control the ball and apply defensive pressure.

14 Black – Zac Belton

Lost to Mandurah Magic 50-31

Zac loved seeing:

  • The girls came into this game resilient and really improved compared to our last matchup against Mandurah (16 point improvement). This really credits our defensive and offensive improvement over the course of this season. I’m very proud.
  • Jade Fletcher matched physicality with the opposition resulting in several blocks. Jade did everything I needed from her and has really started to flourish at this point in the season. 
  • Alice Inman was a terrific team leader and hyping the bench up, she was aggressive on her drives and allowed others to play off-ball. 
  • Olivia Mirco really gave it her all even though she was gassed at times.

16 Red – Adrian Warner

Won against South West Slammers 67-45

Adrian loved seeing:

  • It was a great solid four-quarter effort by all the girls. We turned an 11 point loss from our first meeting into a 22 point win in the rematch. We made fewer turnovers, gave away fewer fouls, and played with much more cohesion in both transition D and in the half-court offense.
  • It was one of those games where every player made a solid contribution and showed me they were trying to apply the team principles we have worked on in training. As a coach, I can’t ask for more and am very positive we can continue this momentum and finish off with a couple more wins.

16 White – Bryn Arnold

Lost to Cockburn Cougars 53-33

18 Red – Brayden Cook

Won against Willetton 57-41

Brayden loved seeing:

  • Porscha Barnes played a terrific game finishing with 11 points. 
  • Kerry Hayden was impressive with 14 points and her shooting ability continues to be fantastic with three made 3s.

Men’s results and coach comments

12 Red – Brad Dowd

Lost to Willetton 67-53

Brad loved seeing:

  • After being down 19 points at half time the boys had one of their best quarters this season with an 18 v 9 run to get us back in the game and only be down 10 going into the 4th. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite maintain the momentum in the last quarter to get the win.
  • Jaden Exeter had another massive game with 19 points (shooting 69% from the field), 12 rebounds and 2 blocks. Jaxon Kowal continued his excellent recent form with 12 points, 5 assists and 6 steals. Cooper Hewer returned from injury for the second time this season and immediately had an impact with 10 points, 4 rebounds, 5 steals and 3 blocks.

12 Black – Ron Flores

Won against Kalamunda Suns 74-55

Ron loved seeing:

  • At different points in the game, we had different players set up and lead the team on the offensive and defensive ends.
  • Koby Kalebic controlled the tempo of the game both defensively and offensively. 
  • Lennox Lyszkowicz and Tyler Murphy worked hard on both ends on the floor and were always first to the floor when we needed it. 
  • Luke Trevenen had a good game offensively

12 White – Dylan Vilardi

Won against South West Slammers 42-38

Dylan loved seeing:

  • Our team hustle on the defensive end. We stayed engaged with a very physical team and hold it throughout the game

12 Grey – Jacob Kelly

Lost to Cockburn Cougars 50-30

Jacob loved seeing:

  • Luka Delic played a good game – working hard and being aggressive

14 Red – Colin Driscoll

Won against East Perth Eagles 67-57

Colin loved seeing:

  • The lads came to play, with a great attitude to secure their first win 
  • Our defensive intensity in the first quarter laid the foundation for the win.
  • Everyone made a contribution to scoresheet
  • Noah Rees-Turner battling the boards! 
  • The two E’s (Ethan Harders and Evan Berson) and Cameron Atwell’s relentless pressure on defence. 
  • Riley Panniza and Josh Welsh’s efficiency on offense. 
  • Declan Kenny taking up space in the keyway

14 Black – Roy Barnett

Won against South West Slammers 60-45

Roy loved seeing:

  • A very pleasing performance delivered by the boys as they worked hard on defence throughout, rebounded strongly, ran the court with intent
  • Cameron Leoni-Arnott (train on player) had his first game of the season. Cam has worked tirelessly in training and got his just rewards in this game, pulling in 12 rebounds and scoring 4 points.
  • Andrew Cook is being renamed ‘Dyson’, he vacuumed up 28 rebounds – a herculean effort!
  • Stirling Barnett made 6 steals for the game and worked hard to consistently stymie the ball carrier and show leadership on the court.

14 White – Al Lackovic

Won against Perry Lakes 39-31

Al loved seeing:

  • The positive energy and focus at both training and at games put us on target every week to achieve our goals. The team’s understanding of when preparation starts and how to not be affected by external factors allows us to maintain control and execute under pressure when challenged.
  • Our paint beasts (Ben Galvin, Romeo Lyszkowicz, Jack Saliacus, Samuel Peirce and James Bowen) dominated the boards and won the rebound count again.
  • Hamish Gibson, Jeremiah Davies, Zac Anfuso and Maksim Lackovic’s defence in the half-court and working tirelessly to allow no middle penetration.
  • Kade Mendes’ tagging ability to deny and negate a hot player.

14 GREY – Alex Maude

Lost to Perry Lakes Hawks White 60-55

Alex loved seeing:

  • Our full-court pressure in the last quarter, the way we ran our lanes in transition, our good shot selection
  • Jamie Wilson’s effort on both offence and defence, drawing multiple players on the drive then giving the extra pass for a score. 
  • Cleon Ryder’s defence stood out in the last quarter, creating turnovers before the opposition could get to the half
  • Nikola Burza and Griffin Williams-Antulov‘s effort in the keyway was what I wanted them to do. Posting up and backing up into mismatches and non-stop effort when rebounding on both ends of the floor
  • Calloway Ball had to step up due to two of our other guards being away, and he did a fantastic job. Being confident when bringing the ball up the floor and creating space on offence which resulted in open jump shots.
  • Murphy Martin’s chase down defence was the best during the game. Non-stop effort to prevent a score. He had around 2 or chase down blocks which showed how he never gave up. Also taking good shots when left open
  • Michael Ryan fought for the rebound whenever he was in the contest, and also helped the guards bring the ball up and showing confidence in his ball-handling

16 Red – Luke Notley

Lost to Willetton Tigers Blue 110-77

16 Black – Bevan Rankin

Won against Willetton 99-68

Bevan loved seeing:

  • Our ball movement and defensive transition
  • Today was a total team effort and everyone contributed. We had five players score in double figures, two of whom came off the bench.

16 White – Mark Edman

Won against Cockburn 76-74

Mark loved seeing:

  • Everyone contributed, and when under pressure toward the end of the game, the team pulled together to stay ahead.

16 Grey – Andre Colley

Won against Rockingham Flames 91-65

Andre loved seeing:

  • Our defensive pressure and our energy

18 Red – Gavin Burnett

Lost to East Perth 98-87

Gavin loved seeing:

  • It was our best offensive game since the start of the season. We attacked the paint relentlessly and while undermanned, fought hard the entire game. In the face of many frustrations, at no stage did the players complain or drop their heads, which was a real credit to their character.
  • As a team, we won the rebound count and had fewer turnovers but were not able to secure the win despite some great individual and team efforts. Joshua Draper had a huge double-double with a season-high 18 rebounds to go with 11 points, five assists, three blocks and 2 steals (VPS 1.40). Connor Rothman had a season-high 20 points and 3 assists (VPS 1.08). Vic Komaiya was a welcome sight back after missing last week – he dropped in 24 points – all inside the paint, except 2/2 on his only trip to the stripe. He also grabbed 6 rebounds and 4 steals (VPS 2.0). Ryan Duke-Yonge continued his impressive improvement, narrowly missing a double-double with a season-high 9 boards and 13 points (VPS 1.27). Owen Pang also narrowly missed a double-double with 9 points and 9 assists (VPS 1.52). Riley Burnett was solid with 6 rebounds, 4 points and 3 assists (VPS 1.50). Cooper Mason continued his improvement with 3 cracking assists and 2 steals making a contribution in every quarter. Tobey Martin tried hard all day and made a contribution in every stat column including 5 points, 2 rebounds and an assist.

18 White – Simon Daff

Lost to Warwick Senators 85-57

18 Grey – Carlos Uribe

Lost to Warwick Senators 77-69

Carlos loved seeing:

  • Great level of enthusiasm and energy in the first half
  • Anthony Pelle came from the bench with great energy level and put several important points and passes for us and in this game. Dhaarshnna Krisshnan and Luis Uribe also did great work on defence and pushing the team up

20 Red – David Swaby

Won against Kalamunda Suns 2 111-76

Dave loved seeing: 

  • Our togetherness defensively, our balance offensively and our ability to make in-game adjustments and improvements.
  • Husam Roamer had a great game with a season-high 31 points. It was great to see his aggressiveness which took a lot of attention and pressure off LB. I would also like to highlight Jacob Kelly and a great game. He also had a season-high with his 21 point effort.

20 Black – Luke Simonette

Won against Mandurah 74-58

Luke loved seeing:

  • We started slowly, our shots did not fall and the opposition made some low percentage shots. We persevered, however, gave 100% effort and clawed our way to our first victory. Positives were great half-court defence and great tempo control, being able to push the pace or slow down and play in the half-court well
  • Pretty tricky to acknowledge individual players in such a 40 minute, collective effort but here goes …
    • Eddie Farquharson – Very handy 19 point performance
    • Baylee Trahorsch – Played the second tall role well
    • James Vegvary – Resurgent defence in the lanes
    • Thomas Swindle – Great perimeter defence
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