2018 WABL Award Winners

The Perth Basketball Association hosted the 2018 HotFrog Redbacks WABL Awards on Saturday at Optus Stadium in the River View Room with over 400 members of our WABL community in attendance.

The morning saw our community come together to celebrate the 2018 basketball year and the growth of our club with our WABL families, Life Members, officials and BWA representatives all in attendance.

Congratulations to everyone who played in our WABL program this year and well done to those who were acknowledged as award winners on Saturday.

A full list of winners for each team is below. Yearbooks can be collected from your Team Managers.

Under 12-2 Women
MVP Mikayla Deshon
Most Consistent: Isabella Meadows
Most Improved: Kiralee Cresswell

Under 12-3 Women
MVP: Taijah Babich
Most Consistent: Dariana Dweh
Most Improved: Ella Walsh
Coaches Award: Michelle Ninyette

12 Championship Men
MVP: Cyril Mulot
Most Consistent: Evan Berson
Most Improved: Daniel Christou
Defensive: Andre Dweh

Under 12-2 Men Red
MVP: Mason Clarke
Most Consistent: Maksim Lackovic
Most Improved: James Bowen
Coaches Award: Samuel Pierce

Under 12-2 Men Black
MVP: Ethan Toluwade
Most Consistent: Eljiah Williams
Most Improved: Max Edwards
Coaches Award: Luca Rossi Mel

Under 12-4 Men
MVP: Zac Anfuso
Most Consistent: Caden Kelemanis
Most Improved: Hunter Hartley
Coaches Award: Oliver Graham & Aiden Cooper

Under 14-2 Women
MVP: Polly King
Most Consistent: Rachel Cowan
Most Improved: Caitlin Lea

Under 14-3 Women
MVP: Alicia Wright
Most Consistent: Layla Ninyette
Most Improved: Tatum Cooper
Coaches Award: Megan Taylor

Under 14 Championship Men
MVP: Zviko Tinayenda
Most Consistent: Finn Warner
Most Improved: Quayden Roe
Coaches Award: Ben Caccamo

Under 14-2 Men
MVP: Harper Mitchell-Oehlers
Most Consistent: Jack Stahl
Most Improved: Jaxson Sym

Under 14-3 Men
MVP: Alexander O’Donaghue
Most Consistent: Harrison Maude
Most Improved: Byan Yemane
Coaches Award: Jacob Knight

Under 14-4 Men
MVP: Joseph Dean
Most Consistent: Nathan Duke-Yong
Most Improved: Brae Farnan

Under 16 Championship Women
MVP: Laneisha Paddon
Most Consistent: Mcikayla Little
Most Improved: Isabella Radeski

Under 16 Division 3 Women
MVP: Lucy Dowling
Most Consistent: Bridget Atwell
Most Improved: Priya Bhasin
Coaches Award: Zoe De Saazar

Under 16 Championship Men
MVP: Marshall Destremau
Most Consistent: Jacob Mitheo
Most Improved: Trent Moralee

Under 16 Division 2 Men Red
MVP: Victor Komaiya
Most Consistent: Ethan Port-Louis
Most Improved: Cormac Drakeford
Coaches Award: Ash Haemori

Under 16 Division 2 Men Black
MVP: Stephen Phipps
Most Consistent: Kyan Conror
Most Improved: Ben Dobbin

Under 16 Division 4 Men
MVP: Connor Wilson
Most Consistent: Riley Burnett
Most Improved: Luis Uribe
Coaches Award: Jervis Leong

Under 18 Women Red
MVP: Neseya Williams
Most Consistent: Pearl Coppin & Savahna Nevill
Most Improved: Chloe Dreyer

Under 18 Women Black
MVP: Georgia Brown
Most Consistent: Paige Walley
Most Improved: Jemma Barnes & Kanneale Simpson Lewis

Under 18 Championship Men
MVP: Lachlan Forrest
Most Consistent: Dylan Vilardi
Best Defensive: Fletcher Clemmence
Coaches Award: Angus Price

Under 18 Division 2 Men
MVP: Ethan McShane
Most Consistent: Jake Jauncey
Most Improved: Will Copping
Coaches Award: Aidan La Brooy

Under 18 Division 3 Men
MVP: Tyler Hardy
Most Consistent: Joel Verteramo
Most Improved: Blair Morris
Coaches Award: Shaquille Ninyette

Under 20 Men
MVP: Connor Ross
Most Consistent: Luke Simonette
Most Improved: Lachlan Casey

Referee Awards
Referee of the Year: Maya Burnett
Junior Referee of the Year: Nick McQueeney
Most Improved Referee: Lulu Mitchell-Oehlers & Nathan Duke-Yong

Club Awards

Alistair Stewart Memorial Award: Brayden Atwell
Lorraine Telfer Award: Abbey Chehab
Graham Pixie-Smith Award: Dylan Vilardi
HotFrog Best Junior Boy: Lachlan Forrest
HotFrog Best Junior Girl: Nes’eya Williams
HotFrog Coach of the Year: Brad Armstrong

Redback Medallions: Lachlan Bertram, Fletcher Clemmence, Ethan McShane, Jake Jauncey, David Ling, Nes’eya Williams, Pearl Coppin, Kira Todd, Elly Best, Savahna Nevill, Fletcity Plewright, Kajanda Ninyette, Abbey Chehab

Presidents Award: Sue Hosken & Gavin Burnett
Norm Majors Shield: Under 14-2 Men

Photo by Mick Cronin

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