Redbacks trio making an impact on the court

The Perth Redbacks have made it their mission to help develop Indigenous basketball talent and three teenagers have emerged as shining examples.

Ronan Coppin, Pearl Coppin and Nes’eya Williams play for the Redbacks in their respective State and Women’s Basketball League teams.

The Redbacks are based in the Perth suburb of Belmont, and their stated mission is to not only provide local youth with an area and place to play basketball but a social hub for positive activity.

In 2013, Lattrell Matthews-Matsumoto first signed with the Redbacks and their work with Indigenous youth continues to thrive.

Pearl and Ronan Coppin are two shining examples of emerging Redbacks talent. The pair recently competed for Western Australia at the School Sports Australia Championships in Darwin.

Pearl was part of the WA under-18 girls’ team that won two of five games at the tournament while Ronan played in the under-18 boys’ team that won one of their four games.

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Photo by Sports Imagery Australia

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