2020 State Champs – Nominations + Selection Process

Nominations have now closed for boys/men’s teams.

Nominations are still open for girls/women’s teams (and will close at midnight on Saturday 31 October). A fee of $15 per player applies.


2020 State Champs Selection Process for Perth Redbacks

NOTE: The teams we select for State Champs will roughly reflect the teams we expect to take to WABL in 2021. But they will not be the final final teams we are taking to WABL 2021. Team selections for 2021 WABL will be based on performance at State Champs + performance at our WABL 2021 selection trials in January.

Please read through the below fully to ensure you understand the selection process for State Champs. Note that a different selection process is being used in our women’s program vs our men’s program.

Age Divisions

The division your child will play in at State Champs (if selected) is determined by their year of birth:

  • Under 11: 2010, 2011 born
  • Under 13: 2008, 2009 born
  • Under 15: 2006, 2007 born
  • Under 17: 2004, 2005 born
  • Under 19: 2002, 2003 born

Girls/Women Selection Process (Updated 28 October)

Selection trials (for both current Redbacks players as well as ‘new to Redbacks’ players) will be held on:

U11 and U13 trials

    • Tuesday 3 November – 4pm to 5:30pm (please arrive 3:45pm for sign in) – Curtin Stadium, Kent Street
    • Tuesday 10 November – 4pm to 5:30pm (please arrive 3:45pm for sign in) – Curtin Stadium, Kent Street
    • Sunday 15 November – 8am to 10am (please arrive 7:45am for sign in) – Leisurelife, East Vic Park

U15 and U17 trials

  • Tuesday 10 November – 4:30pm to 6:00pm (please arrive 4:15pm for sign in) – Belmont Oasis, Progress Way
  • Sunday 15 November – 10am to 12noon please arrive 9:45 for sign in – Leisurelife, East Vic Park

If your daughter is unable to make any of the selections trials or will be late please still nominate her and email lee@perthredbacks.asn.au to let her know the reason.

Selection announcements

Our girls/women’s teams will be announced in the week of Monday 16 November. Selected players will need to pay their State Champs fees (usually around $125) by Sunday 29 November.


Training will be on Sundays commencing on Sunday 22 November and will continue until the weekend of competition.

State Champs competition dates for girls/women’s teams

  • All Div 2 and 3 teams: 4/5/6 December
  • All Div 1 teams: 18/19/20 December

Boys/Men Selection Process

There will be no trials held for current Redbacks WABL players. (But current Redbacks WABL players still have to nominate in order to be considered for selection.)

Placement of current Redbacks WABL players* into State Champs teams will be done by CJ Jackson (using input from outgoing and incoming coaches + his observations and other data collected during the 2020 WABL season).

  • Div 1 teams for each age group will be selected from current Redbacks players only.
  • Div 2 and Div 3 teams will include both current Redbacks players, and players new to Redbacks.

Trials for players not currently playing WABL for Redbacks will be held on:

  • Thursday 5 November – 4pm till 5.30pm – Belmont Oasis (U11, U13)
  • Thursday 12 November – 4pm till 5.30pm – Belmont Oasis (U15, U17, U19)

On completion of these trials, State Champs team selections will be announced.

Training will commence on Sunday 15 November. 

Selected players will need to pay their State Champs fees (usually around $125) by Sunday 22 November.

State Champs competition dates for boys/men’s teams

  • U13 and U15, Div 2 and 3: 28/29 November
  • U11, U17 and U19, Div 2 and 3: 12/13 December
  • All Div 1 teams: 18/19/20 December

* Current Redbacks players are not guaranteed selection in a State Champs team. Selection is dependent on age group numbers and competition for spots. Please note that our U13 age group is our biggest and most competitive and will be the age group where current players may miss out. It is also the age group that will be toughest for new players to the club to gain selection in.

HEADS UP 2021 WABL Selection Trials

In order to give our WABL teams adequate preparation ahead of WABL grading, we need to make our final WABL team selections in the first week of February 2021.

For this reason, please be aware that our WABL Selection Trials will be held in the final week of the school holidays (27 January to 31 January).

If you want your child to be selected for a 2021 Perth Redbacks WABL team, your child must be available for these selection trials so please plan any holiday trips accordingly.

IMPORTANT NOTE about team selections 

It’s important to know that selections for representative basketball teams are never made on pure talent alone. A host of tangible and intangible things are considered. These things include, but are not limited to:

  • Demonstrated ability to perform at the required level
  • The need for positional balance in a team (you don’t want teams made up of 10 guards or 10 bigs)
  • Positional skillset (can the player execute the skills required of the position(s) they’re earmarked to play)
  • Capacity and willingness to play team-first basketball
  • Coachability
  • Attitude (respectful, hard-working, positive)
  • Resilience (capacity to rise above/hit the reset button when faced with challenges)
  • Developmental considerations
  • Basketball IQ

Parents, while you may not understand or agree with selections once they have been made, we ask that you respect that those selections have been based on many factors you may not be aware of. Where possible and practical, you will have an opportunity to seek feedback about your child’s selection. We are not able to offer feedback about players who are not your child.

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