2020 WABL Fees

The 2020 WABL Season Fee is $385. This payment is due by Friday 7th August.

If you are using a Kidsport Voucher (up to $150) to part pay these fees and/or if you are applying for a WABL Indigenous Scholarship ($100) please contact the PBA Office to arrange your fee payments:

If you are not doing either of the above, please click here to pay your WABL fees online. You will be asked to enter a team code, those are listed below (with the coach name also indicated if you’re not sure what colour your child’s team is):


U12 Boys – Team Red (Brad Dowd) 22412231
U12 Boys – Team Black (Ron Flores) 22412232
U12 Boys – Team White (Dylan Vilardi) 22412233
U12 Boys – Team Grey (Jacob Kelly) 22412234
U12 Girls – Team Red (Josh Wallace) 22412235
U12 Girls – Team White (John Care) 22412236
U14 Boys – Team Red (Matt Haigh) 22412237
U14 Boys – Team Black (Ash Brian) 22412238
U14 Boys – Team White (Aleks Lackovic) 22412239
U14 Boys – Team Grey (Alex Maude) 22412240
U14 Girls – Team Red (Bri Bailey) 22412241
U14 Girls – Team White (Hayley Smyth) 22412242
U14 Girls – Team Black (Zac Belton) 22412243
U16 Boys – Team Red (Luke Notley) 22412244
U16 Boys – Team Black (Bevan Rankin) 22412245
U16 Boys – Team White (Mark Edman) 22412246
U16 Boys – Team Grey (Michael Riley) 22412247
U16 Girls – Team Red (Adrian Warner) 22412248
U16 Girls – Team White (Bryn and Anne-Marie Arnold) 22412249
U18 Men – Team Red (Gavin Burnett) 22412251
U18 Men – Team White (Simon Daff) 22412252
U18 Men – Team Grey (Carlos Uribe) 22412253
U18 Women – Team Red (Brayden Cook) 22412254
U20 Men – Team Red (David Swaby) 22432892
U20 Men – Team Black (Luke Simonette) TBA
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