The City of South Perth is currently planning for a new recreation and aquatic facility (RAF). And they’re considering whether the facility needs 6 indoor courts or 8.

As anyone who’s ever been involved with the Redbacks at any level knows, court availability has always been the one thing that’s seriously hampered our ability to best service the needs of our community. We want to send a strong message to the RAF that our community will me major users of their facility and strongly supports the need for 8 courts over 6.

You can do that by filling in the survey here (we’re hoping 200 of you will do this) and ticking ‘basketball’ every time you see the word. Additionally, you can put something to the effect of these words as answers to these questions when you get to them:

Q: How likely would you be to go to the RAF, or if you have children/grandchildren, take them there? Please tell us why? Please describe in as much detail as you can.
A: We’re expecting the RAF will become the Perth Redbacks’ new home of basketball and look forward to spending a lot of time there when it does

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add about the RAF? Please describe in as much detail as you can.
A: Perth Redbacks knows you are considering whether to put 6 vs 8 indoor courts in your facility and urge you to put 8 as this will allow the organisation to better meet the needs of us, their highly engaged community and get more people involved in being active and healthy. Further, the club’s catchment is wide and will draw people to the facility from a corridor that goes well beyond the immediate local area.

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