Igbenoba back for 2021 in a boost for Redbacks big man stocks

There were limited opportunities on offer for big man Derek Igbenoba during the shortened 2020 West Coast Classic season. But we’re thrilled that he’s kept the faith with us and resigned for 2021. Like the other ‘Class of 2001’ members Lachlan Bertram and Dylan Vilardi, his development as a player is key to ensuring Redbacks are able to achieve success both now, and in the future.

Like many of his teammates, it was culture that made it a no-brainer for Derek to re-sign:

“I honestly love the culture, the team and the family we are building here with the Redbacks. Every day we strive to push each other on the court and to also enjoy ourselves while playing together. Ever since I came to Redbacks, I was welcomed with open arms and I’m looking forward to see what’s to come for us.”

NBL1 Head Coach CJ Jackson is very happy him back on board:

“He is another member of an emerging group of great young players for us. Despite not getting many opportunities to hit the court in the West Coast Classic, he’s really stepped things up at training this year. Derek is always willing to put his body and his strength to the service of the team and will hopefully get some opportunity to be our back up big to Louis Timms this season.”

For his part, Derek is enjoying having CJ as his coach:

“I’ve known CJ since I started playing basketball from my WABL days when we’d bump into each other and have chats, so I find it pretty awesome to actually have him as my NBL1 coach now. He’s a great guy, a good coach that really pushes me, and he really knows what he’s talking about.”

When asked about his goals for the coming season, Derek says:

“I hope to contribute a lot, both on and off the court and do everything I can do to ensure that we as a team can reach our goals for the season.”

NBL1 Director Nathan Barns is very happy to have Derek back:

“I am so happy to see the Big D sign on for 2021. He has learnt so much during the West Coast Classic and he’s taken that on board and improved his game for this season. Derek has taken his game to a new level, through determination and hard work, and I believe he will be a solid contributor for the Redbacks in 2021.”

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