True Redback Vilardi keen to take the next step in 2021

He’s only been at our club for three years, but it feels like he’s been a true Redback for life. There are few senior players in our club who contribute as much of their time as Dylan Vilardi, and this was recognised when he was awarded the Graham Pixie Smith Trophy in 2020 for service to the club. He was also awarded 2020 WABL Coach of the Year in our Men’s Program for his efforts in taking his team of U12 first year WABL players all the way to a Division 4 Championship.

Highly respected by everyone he comes in contact with and beloved by the kids he coaches at both WABL and Aussie Hoops level, we are thrilled to have Dylan signed for NBL1 2021.

Coach CJ Jackson says:

“He was actually the first signing we made when I came to the club in 2019 so I rate him very highly. Dylan is an excellent on-ball defender and a very hard worker. He is a dynamic player and, similar to Matt Giorgi, is being someone who will benefit greatly from being an understudy to our captain Joel Wagner and learning both the craft of being a point guard and the leadership qualities of being a great captain.”

Learning from the best is an opportunity Dylan will always take advantage of:

“I joined the Redbacks in 2018 and was part of the U18s WABL program as well as training with the SBL squad. I was lucky in that first year as I was given a great opportunity and was able to develop my skills to the best of my ability because I was surrounded by high IQ players such as Joel Wagner and Shawn Redhage.”

Why did he re-sign for 2021?

“I’ve always been given some great opportunities as a young player to elevate my game at Redbacks. The community and culture here is continuously growing and I’m extremely excited at the chance to be part of it all.”

Is there anything he’s particularly looking forward to this season?

“I’m extremely excited to see the league’s competitiveness jump through the roof this year as we’re now competing in the NBL1. Another thing I’m looking forward to is seeing myself and all the junior players really make an impact on the court. Players I grew up with and competed against in junior days such as Lachlan, Kyden and a few others – we are all now stepping into the big leagues on the one team which is really exciting.”

On CJ Jackson as head coach:

“CJ’s style of coaching is very different to my previous years I have experienced. It’s taken a bit of time to adjust but now I feel the team has his principles down pat and those principles work really well with the team we have. Individually, I feel his preference for a fast-paced game style really suits my playing style and helps builds confidence for me at the offensive end.”

NBL1 Director Nathan Barns speaks for all of us when he says this about having Dylan back in 2021:

“Dylan is such a great guy to have around the club. He works extremely hard at his basketball and this is starting to show through into his basketball form. On the court, he is vocal, works his butt off and is easily coachable. Off the court, he embraces the Redbacks culture and gets involved with the junior kids, who adore him. He is always the first to put his hand up to involve himself in any Redbacks activities and we love having him in the team and in the club.”

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