Redbacks Homecourt Challenge Week 4

Well done to everyone who took part in our Week 3 Homecourt challenge doing the Mikan Drill. Our winners were Cuba and Jackson! Well done boys.

Week 4 Challenge – Proudly sponsored by Infuse Life

Our fourth challenge will run from Friday 1st May to Tuesday 5th May 2020.

This week we would like to set a challenge using all three skills: Ball Handling, Agility and Shooting. The drills we’ll be using to assess these are:

  • BALL HANDLING: Random Ball Handling Drill
  • AGILITY: Split Step Reaction Drill
  • SHOOTING: 180-degree Shooting Drill

The combined highest score will win the overall prize while the highest score for each section will also be announced.

If you haven’t already gotten Homecourt the instructions are below. (You will need an Apple device – preferably an iPad – to download and use the app which is free to use until the end of May.)

Homecourt Instructions

  1. Download the Homecourt App (The app is only available to Apple (iPhone and iPad) users at this stage and is currently free to use. Thanks Homecourt!)
  2. Create a free account
  3. Ensure your account is set to “followers” in privacy, so teammates and fellow PBA athletes can see your workouts.
  4. Join the Perth Redbacks ‘Team’ within the app via the following link
  5. Complete the drills above.
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