Weekly WABL Wrap – Round 12

The Weekly WABL Wrap is proudly sponsored by Woods Insurance Brokers

Congrats to all our WABL players, coaches, managers and parents for bringing great energy to Round 12 of the 2021 WABL season. Here’s the wrap up of how all our teams went including comments from coaches:

U12 Champs Girls – Josh Wallace (sponsored by Welsh Real Estate)

Won against Joondalup Wolves 61-45

Coach comments:

  • The Wolves are a tall team and the girls just kept fighting on the rebounds. They eventually started to get on top of the Wolves in that area as the game went on.
  • The girls have developed a great understanding of how to switch between defensive structures. This allowed us to catch the Wolves off guard with our full-court pressure at times in the second half.
  • Jem Barr demonstrated today why she has the heart of a champion with multiple effort plays during the 4th quarter, regardless of how fatigued she was.
  • Sasha Nona’s perimeter shooting, highlighted with three made 3’s in the first half really stretched the D and opened up driving lanes for herself and teammates.
  • Ella Welsh’s ability to make plays for her teammates was on full display in this game. Constantly finding her teammates in good positions for quality scoring opportunities.
  • Paige Ogden battled all game long on the boards and contested shots continuously. She was so relentless in this area that it led to frustration from the Wolves players, which led to them being called for an unsportsmanlike foul in the 4th quarter.

U12 Division 3 Girls – Emma Ormond (sponsored by DLA Piper)

Lost to Lakeside 45-22

Coach comments:

  • The girls’ defensive efforts never stopped this whole game. Their first, second and third efforts really showed and it put us in a great place, especially in the first half. Offensively they pushed the ball in transition which resulted in many open layups.
  • Ada-mae Mourish Burke played both amazing offence and defence. Ada’s worked incredibly hard to contest shots and outrebound players much taller than her. In offensive transition, Ada created many opportunities for her teammates which led to open layups time after time.
  • Leisha Charlie was always the first player to get back in defensive transition, whether she was the furthers away or not. I can not count down how many shots she chased down to contest them in some capacity.
  • Soniya Karimi and Anabella Lewis pressured ball carriers, which led to many turnovers. Their effort to get in front of the ball carriers really showed today.

U12 Division 4 Girls – Marcia Dowling (sponsored by One for Women)

Lost to Hills Raiders 37-34

Coach comments:

  • The girl all gave maximum effort right to the last minute. They were tired but kept fighting.
  • Missing one of our ‘4-spot’ players for this game, I was very impressed how Alessia Wladyka stepped up to the challenge as well as Nadia Slee.

U14 Champs Girls – Haylee Smyth (sponsored by Mount Lawley Orthodontics)

Won against Rockingham Flames 52-34

Coach comments:

  • We executed in offence really well in the first half.
  • Miki Deshon was back to her best, controlling the game, executing really well and making good decisions. She finished with 25 points of the back of 5 made 3s, 7 rebounds and 5 assists.
  • Ebony Cox finished well around the basket in the first half today and played really good defence.

U14 Division 2 Girls – Shannon Ball (sponsored by Active Discovery)

Lost to Hills Raiders 63-45

Coach comments:

  • There was great effort at times during the game. I saw some glimpses of really good play.

U14 Division 4 Girls White – Zac Belton (sponsored by Redink Homes)


U14 Division 4 Girls Grey – Lucy Dowling

Lost to Lakeside Lightning 41-23

Coach comments:

  • This was quite a stressful game with the scores being very close for three quarters. For the girls to remain in control for as long as they did was a tremendous effort, and it was only due to an increased defensive intensity from the opposition that we fell behind.
  • Both Olivia Weddikkara and Charlotte Dillon applied exceptional full-court pressure, forcing some backcourt violations on the other team.
  • Arabella Kahla and Mya Slee were strong under the basket, securing some important rebounds over taller and stronger opponents.

U16 Division 2 Girls – Bryn Arnold (sponsored by Smart Capital)

Won against Hills Raiders 66-47

Coach comments:

  • Our energy, effort and intensity on the defensive end of the floor were outstanding. The ball movement and spacing on offence was excellent. Our decision making was also far better than in previous weeks. Every player contributed to a great team win – well done ladies.
  • Also need to give a shout out to Kate Anderson who unfortunately will miss the remainder of the season with a back injury. We will miss you on the floor but cannot wait to see you back better than ever next season.
  • Tatum Cooper’s defence was excellent and really set the tone for the rest of the team.
  • Stella Gregory had a fantastic all-around game.
  • Issy Woods played with great intensity and has found her groove in recent weeks.
  • Sagal Elmi had an outstanding 3rd quarter taking over on the offensive end scoring 14 points on her way to a season-high 22.

U16 Division 3 Girls – Adrian Warner (sponsored by MSP Electrical)

Lost to Lakeside 80-37

Coach comments

  • We started the game well and were going toe to toe with the third-placed team, forcing them into an early time out and we finished Q1 on nearly even terms. Our defensive intensity was the key together with our consistent efforts to attack the paint when we had the ball.
  • We continued our solid start in Q2 but then we struggled to adapt against a zone D and they got a few quick points to surge to a mini-break. However, it was pleasing to see the girls stay in the game mentally and peg them back a bit by half-time. The effort was especially pleasing after a few weeks of not playing. Unfortunately, the second half started poorly and overall, we couldn’t find any composure in offence which meant that we forced shots and struggled to get bodies back in D.
  • All that said, the effort from all players can’t be faulted.
  • Ainsleigh Passi started the game well and played with great intensity and commitment to hard closeouts and active help in our shell D – best I have seen her play this year.
  • Matilda Thomson was dynamic in transition and fierce in her desire for the ball.

U16 Division 4 Girls – Geoff Alger

Lost to East Perth 77-39

From a team effort point of view, what pleased you most about this game?

  • While the game didn’t start the way we would have liked, the team chemistry and commitment improved as the game went on.
  • The girls’ ability to fix the errors from earlier in the game and play better team basketball enabled them to play a better second half and eventually win the final quarter which was good to see.
  • We welcomed back a raft of our injured girls this week so it was great to see Anais Adnams, Casey Meyer and Jasmine Ford return and provide good contributions.

U18 Division 2 Girls White – Brayden Cook

Won against Perry Lakes Hawks 82-53

Coach comments:

  • After quite a slow start from both teams, it was great to see our group work together and ramp up our defensive pressure.
  • Jasmin Wynne was once again strong inside on the boards, getting multiple offensive rebounds and putbacks.
  • Rosie Leeder and Kerry Hayden were reliable, scoring in double digits.
  • Chloe Hind and Joia Kowalewski were solid in bringing the ball up the court against pressure.
  • Congrats to Caitlin Lea who played her 50th WABL game for Perth Redbacks in this game.

U18 Division 2 Girls Grey – Brad Dowd (sponsored by Protek)

Lost to Joondalup Wolves Green 69-37

Coach comments:

  • We were down three of our regular players for this game, but we started off strong to be only 4 points down at quarter time. We lost our way a bit in the 2nd and 3rd, but the girls never gave up. We returned to 1st quarter form to only lose the 4th by 6 points. We lost to this team by 40 points the first time we met, so we reduced that gap a little which means improvement.
  • Charlotte Horniman worked hard leading in rebounds, assists and steals.
  • Meg Capewell shot the ball well and worked hard for rebounds.
  • Emma Jones played well with 5 steals.
  • Charlize Nicolaou fought hard the entire game.

U12 Champs Boys – Dylan Vilardi

Lost to Hills Raider 43-38

Coach comments:

  • We only had 7 players available for this game off the back of a three-week break with limited training ability due to school holidays. I was so proud of every single player who fought all the way to the end.
  • Both Raj Berry and James Galvin were given a defensive job to stop a specific player from getting to the hoop and they both did an amazing job rotating on this player throughout the course of the game to limit his impact.

U12 Division 2 Boys – Ash Brian (sponsored by Drafting Now)

Lost to Joondalup Green 49-37

Coach comments:

  • This was an outstanding game for us. Another great challenge against a Champs-level team that didn’t make it into the Champs grade. After getting absolutely thrashed the last time the teams met, our team addressed a number of issues and this game was a testament to our growth and progression. We were also extremely undersized, yet we matched the opposition for rebounds.
  • A great scoring effort by Aiden Little and Oskar Wang, with many others chipping in particular areas.
  • All three of our forwards (Aiden Little, Louis Daniel and Oliver Flower) at some point we’re given a defensive stopper role and all were physical as they muscled out the opposition’s 5-man in the paint. While at the same time, they pulled down a decent number of boards themselves.
  • Despite running a press all game our opposition’s pressure did not cause a huge amount of turnovers. Jett Murphy did a great job of handling the ball in the back court. He had composure and made all the right decisions in the moment.
  • It was great to see our passing offense get us scores. After a barrage of early passing, Cooper Roskell, Oskar Wang and Zeke Brian were making great cuts or movements off the ball to get open looks or open looks.

U12 Division 4 Boys White – Tyler Cusworth

Lost to Willetton Tigers 36-29

Coach comments:

  • Despite being down for most of the game we didn’t give up and managed to get a few points back late in the last.
  • Zach Snell continued to lead from the front. Always shows enormous effort and hit a 3.
  • Myles Byrne stepped up big on the rebounds.

U12 Division 4 Boys Grey – Andrew Logan (sponsored by MD BuildingMaintenance)

Lost to Willetton 58-41

Coach comments:

  • We competed hard all game. We had patches where we were in control of the game but were unable to capitalise on the scoreboard.
  • Joaquin Imperial had a big game for us. Grabbing plenty of rebounds and points.
  • Tate Mucjanko pushed through a leg injury to give great defensive effort and get to the foul line.
  • I was really pleased with Otis Farrelly’s ability to win 50/50 contests and bring great aggression and enthusiasm to the game.

U14 Champs Boys – Aleks Lackovic (sponsored by Sto WA)

Lost to Rockingham 56-54

Coach comments:

  • The team continues to mature and yet again competed for four quarters, supported one another and believe in and are committed to the program.
  • Mason Clark had a tremendous game at both ends of the floor – he embraced the pressure, accepted all challenges and made a clutch 3 with 5 seconds to go to tie the game.
  • Jack Saliacus continues to dominate in the paint, rebound, screen, play help D and talk.
  • Cleon Ryder leads with his Rodman like HUNT for rebounds and Romeo Lyszkowicz was dynamic all game with his hops getting serious altitude.
  • Ben Galvin showed a relentless focus on defending, boxing out, rebounding and multiple deflections/blocks.

U14 Division 2 Boys – Mitchell Jesson

Lost to Hills Raiders 65-55

Coach comments:

  • After a lengthy layoff, it was simply fantastic to be out on the court. Even though victory was not ours we were again competitive and managed to rally back in the last quarter.
  • Hamish Gibson and I have had some discussions about owning the point guard position. On Sunday Hamish delivered everything we wanted (plus a little more). Advanced the ball under pressure with control and composure, ran our offence, took a charge, scored 24 points, (including 2/2 from 3) and only 2 turnovers.
  • A block for the ages from your shooting guard is a bonus. Cuba Brian’s energy is always contagious, only 1 turnover is to be applauded and congrats to Cuba for playing his 50th WABL game for our club.
  • We need everyone to be a defender and everyone to be a threat so we’ve encouraged Stirling Barnett to add to his defensive ability by looking to attack the basket in transition. On a fast break where he would normally pass, Stirling took on the defence and drew a hard foul.

U14 Division 3 Boys – Ron Flores (sponsored by Euroz Hartleys)

Won against Perry Lakes 80-54

Coach comments:

  • The effort displayed by all the players in this game was great. They set screens and made the play to get teammates open for better looks.
  • All players played with a team-first mentality and this was very pleasing to see especially after having two weeks off.
  • The ball movement and off-ball movement was great to see.
  • To be able to score 80 points with our top scorer only scoring 12 points is great as it reflected how much of a team mentality they played with.

U14 Division 4 Boys – Alex Maude (sponsored by Masterwall)

Lost to Joondalup Wolves 74-61

Coach comments:

  • In this game, I was pleased with our full-court pressure, perimeter ball movement (which disrupted the defence) and our ability to recognise the mismatch in the low post
  • Tom Jakimowiez’s rebounding efforts on both ends of the floor were great, recognising the mismatch and taking advantage of it
  • Mateo Rea made aggressive drives to the basket and made the extra pass if needed
  • Kobe Kalebic and Lenoxx Lyszkowicz’s showed great defensive effort making it hard for anyone to get past
  • Seb Bourne was confident when taking the ball to the basket, and kicking the ball out to an open shot when surrounded by defenders.

U16 Division 2 Boys – Paul Cassir (sponsored by Infuse Life)

Won against East Perth Red 74-58

Coach comments:

  • The team played an impressive first quarter and our defensive efforts restricted our opposition to just 6 points. With a greater commitment to playing this type of basketball across all four quarters would see us become very challenging to beat in any game.
  • Jaxon Sym demonstrated increased confidence in shooting the ball from range and placed together an efficient game.
  • Hamish Elder provided a significant offensive spark from the bench and proved why he is a difficult match-up with his versatility.
  • Cooper Deshon continued his consistently strong form and willingly stepped into the point guard position for much of the game.

U16 Division 3 Boys White – Luke Simonette

Lost to Hills Raiders 75-62

Coach comments:

  • Our defensive coverages and principles shone through in this game, keeping the opposition to 29 points in the first half. Offensively we were patient and had some good transition instances.
  • Drew Corry was great offensively with 23 points
  • Taj Racey worked hard defensively without fouling
  • Lachlan Steele continued to be the motor of the team

U16 Division 3 Boys Grey – Anthony Nixon (sponsored by Auto Control Systems)

Lost to Joondalup Wolves 80-58

Coach comments:

  • We played the Wolves #2 U16 team who are top of the table in our division and a very strong team.
  • We continued to compete despite a poor second quarter where they established their lead.
  • We missed Taj Hollands who sprained an ankle, but it was great to have him with us on the bench cheering.
  • It wasn’t our day but the boys remained positive and competitive.
  • Every player scored and contributed.
  • Scoring was pretty even with Jordan Yum and Benji Berardis top scoring with 10 despite both being closely guarded.
  • Ethan Harders and Max Millard put their bodies on the line attacking the basket through strong defence.

U16 Division 4 Boys – Anthony Nixon (sponsored by TECC and Insight)

Lost to Slammers 91-88

Coach comments:

  • I was as proud as a losing coach could have been of a great game and a great team effort. Our boys took it up to a team that beat us by 28 points in Round 1 and had a strong lead at several points in the game.
  • We were put under huge pressure in the fourth quarter and with a few poor decisions and a bit of pressure panic … we let the win slip away. But this was still a great game from a team that continues to improve.
  • Declan Kenny finally realised how big and dominant he can be and was outstanding with 19 points and 11 rebounds and 4 blocks.
  • Romain Suraweera got in foul trouble and played limited minutes but still had 8 rebounds with 6 of those at the offensive end.
  • Ollie Graham was aggressive at the basket and led the team with 20 points at 58% and 6 free throws.
  • Josh Welsh worked hard all game with 19 pts and 9 free throws.
  • Noah Rees-Turner showed he can be a threat from outside with 6 points from beyond the arc.

U18 Champs Boys – Simon Daff (sponsored by Della Franca Farms)

Lost to Lakeside 99-82

Coach comments:

  • We played really well for a half, but as has been a problem all season, we weren’t able to put four quarters of solid basketball together.
  • Victor Komaiya has been our most consistent player all year – he does all the dirty work and not everything that shows up on a stat sheet.
  • Charlie Morcombe had another great game for a bottom age player – he has really started to find his groove in 18-1s

U18 Division 3 Men White – Luke Notley (sponsored by McDonalds Karratha)

Lost to Rockingham 96-88

Coach comments:

  • Everyone got on the scoreboard again this week which was great to see. Unfortunately defensively we let Rockingham score way too many points, especially in the first half
  • Finn Warner, Jesse Wilcox and Darren Fernandez all contributed great minutes, great defence and valuable points on the scoreboard. Darren played some awesome defence for us and left it all out on the court. It was always going to be a tough ask coming back after the long break and playing with the same defensive intensity we displayed leading into the break.

U18 Division 3 Men Grey – Brandon Riley (sponsored by Inspirations Paint)

Lost to Cockburn 92-68

Coach comments:

  • We didn’t play well in this game but a lot of credit to Cockburn as they played amazing to give us our first defeat for the season. I’m sure we will come back as a team.
  • Melvin Nwankwo played well in the second half. His shot continues to improve.

U18 Division 3 Men Silver – Sam Fox (sponsored by Strut Specialists)

Won against Joondalup Wolves 72-55

Coach comments:

  • This was our best rebounding game by far. We were particularly great on the offensive boards. Our D was excellent and we held a strong team to only 55 points.
  • On O, I loved seeing us get in the paint, move the ball and find our shooters. We shot a fantastic percentage from the corners and this reflects the work we’ve been doing as shooters and as a team on spacing.
  • Tsepo Mhlope brought incredible energy all game and crushed the boards.
  • Harry Maude had a fantastic game with multiple tip-in buckets, 3’s and great free-throw shooting.
  • Jake Vilardi and Aiden Cannington both shot the ball very well from deep and had a team focus all game.
  • Mackenzie Tanner was a defensive whirlwind and continued to build upon a great run of strong offensive efforts.

U20 Men White – Michael Clarke

Won against East Perth Red 101-80

Coach comments:

  • This was a great team effort, with all 12 players suiting up, getting an important win despite limited preparation.

U20 Men Grey – Rob Gordon


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