Weekly WABL Wrap – Round 13

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Here’s how our Round 13 WABL games went.

Women’s results and coach comments

12 Red – Josh Wallace

Won against Mandurah Magic 78-37

Josh loved seeing:

  • Our ball and player movement, along with spacing, in the half and full court was probably the best it has been all season. The girls finished the game with 5 players in double figures for scoring.
  • Our split line help rotation was really strong from start to finish.
  • This was one of the best all-round team efforts the girls have put on this season. This was not a game we won because of any individual player. This result was due to the girls working hard, working together and executing what we have been practising at training all season.

12 White – John Care

Won against East Perth 34-25

John loved seeing: 

  • The team played well and didn’t give up against a very competitive East Perth team. At times it got hard but the girls didn’t give up and made sure they brought home the win.
  • Sienna Care had a great game from the start to the end not giving up and making some crucial buckets.
  • Georgina Wyatt had an outstanding game applying pressure on both ends of the court, not giving up, and fighting hard for the ball.
  • Ava Wolfenden had a great offensive game today with some important buckets when we needed them most.

14 Red – Bri Bailey

Lost to Mandurah Magic 42-40

Bri loved seeing:

  • Despite not getting the calls they felt were appropriate for the physicality of this game, the team continued to compete with good intensity
  • Abbey Macham’s constant aggressiveness when driving towards the basket, either making the layup or getting to the free-throw line.

14 White – Haylee Smyth

Won against Warwick Senators 56-34

Hayley loved seeing: 

  • We started the game with energy and intensity, especially on the defensive end. Everyone played their role today which was great to see.
  • Ebony Cox was outstanding – she was able to bring the ball up the court with control and make good decisions with ball in hand. She really got after the rebounds in this game and finished with 11. 
  • Saoirse Smart had one of her best games for us this week. She was aggressive on the boards and also finished with 11 rebounds – 9 of those defensive.

14 Black – Zac Belton

Won against Mandurah Magic 54-26

Zac loved seeing:

  • The girls’ patience on offense and some terrific man-to-man defence.
  • The efforts of the whole team this week. Down three players, our ball movement and teamwork was fantastic with four players scoring 8+ points. It was a terrific effort from everyone.

16 Red – Adrian Warner

Won against Kalamunda 58-32

Adrian loved seeing:

  • Another good four-quarter effort from the team and a huge improvement from our first meeting. The Suns made a run at us late in the game but we regrouped and held them off comfortably. We again showed we can play with a high level of defensive intensity which translated into turnovers and easy baskets.
  • Sagal Elmi was an offensive threat from the first play phase and played with great energy throughout the game. In the past few weeks she has eliminated the cheap fouls that were previously limiting her minutes. As a consequence of more extended periods on the court, she has really settled into the rhythm of the games and is making a dent on the scoreboard. 
  • Tyra Moody injected some much-needed energy and intensity on defence when the Suns made their run and her efforts in forcing a couple of turnovers at key times really broke the Suns’ spirit. 
  • Chloe Hind showed great resilience to put aside a bit of chatter from her old team and made a solid contribution.

16 White – Bryn Arnold

Lost to Hills Raisers 54-48

Bryn loved seeing:

  • This team has some outstanding young women and the character they show each week is exceptional. The last time we played this team we lost by 50. This time we had a chance to win the game in the final two minutes. What an outstanding improvement, well done to the team.
  • Megan Taylor dropped 20 points and had an exceptional second half. 
  • Tatum Cooper’s individual on-ball and help defence was outstanding.

18 Red – Brayden Cook

Lost to Joondalup Wolves 74-68

Brayden loved seeing:

  • Our bench rotations stepped up and played more of a role during the game as many of our players were in foul trouble early.
  • We stayed calm as a team and supported each other from the bench really well.
  • Mickayla Little was a standout performer with 28 points and five 3s.
  • Kaja Todorovic was also solid for us playing extended minutes.

Men’s results and coach comments

12 Red – Brad Dowd

Won against Mandurah Magic 57-51

Brad loved seeing:

  • All the boys hustled hard the entire game. Despite the game being tight all the way through, we had one of our lowest turnover counts for the season and one of our highest assist counts, with all players recording at least one assist. Our full-court defence was relentless, trapping Mandurah over and over again and causing plenty of stops and steals.
  • Jalen Dunstan had one of his best games for the season recording 10 points and 5 rebounds, one of those being a crucial defensive rebound in the final minute of the game. 
  • A couple of our smaller players came through with some big boards in a game where rebounds were hard to come by: Anthony Flores pulled down 5 and Ewan Maclean had 6. 
  • Jaden Exeter had another big game scoring 15 points. He really stepped up in the last minute to seal the win with the last 5 points of the game.

12 Black – Ron Flores

Lost to Willetton 69-40

Ron loved seeing:

  • The fight the boys showed in the 3rd and 4th quarter
  • Tyler Murphy continued his good form from last week and worked very hard. 
  • Jackson Doyle came back after injury in the first half to really ignite our offense.

12 White – Dylan Vilardi

Won against Kalamunda Eastern Suns 83-25

Dylan loved seeing:

  • The boys played a solid game defensively which led into our offensive scoring. They played man-to-man the entire game and did an incredible job of containing their player on defence
  • Matthew Lucano was our anchor for today’s game. He did an amazing job of rotating in defence and helped his teammates out by being in help positions. Offensively he was confident and did an awesome job running the point guard role.
  • Daniel Jiang came out knowing his role and took ownership on the court at both the offensive and defensive end.

12 Grey – Jacob Kelly

Lost to Southwest Slammers 76-36

Jacob loved seeing:

  • Our defensive hustle
  • Jett Murphy had an amazing game especially on the defensive end and was hustling diving on everything

14 Red – Colin Driscoll

Lost to Kalamunda Eastern Suns 53-30

Colin loved seeing:

  • We never gave up and after a bad start managed to win the second half
  • A consistent effort from Evan Berson to get back and slow down the opposition’s transition

14 Black – Ash Brian

Lost to Mandurah 51-39

Ash loved seeing:

  • Seb Bourne stepping up. He pulled down boards and ran back to contest a number of guaranteed layups to force a miss. And in the dying minutes when we wanted to put them to the line and stop the clock, he was the player that was committed to doing exactly what the team was asked to do at our last time out.

14 White – Al Lackovic

Won against Perry Lakes White 44-39

Al loved seeing:

  • Our team’s competitor/paint beast mentality to win the rebound count convincingly and execute four quarters of intensive defensive pressure and ensuring points against targets achieved. The team enjoys responding with mature character to each new challenge to make it a 13 game streak.
  • Zac Anfuso’s voice, leadership and defensive pressure.
  • James Bowen’s work rate and attack of the ring.
  • The whole team’s defensive hustle, pressure and ability to execute the new wrinkles in our offense, making great reads to execute counters.

14 GREY – Alex Maude

Won against Cockburn Cougars White 75-51

Alex loved seeing:

  • Our team:
    • Trusting each other on help defence
    • Having good shot selection
    • Running the floor on transition
    • Applying full-court pressure and getting steals
  • The whole team played their best game of the year. It was a great display of teamwork. All the boys did what I asked them to do, and gave 110% on the floor

16 Red – Luke Notley

Won against Cockburn 106-76

Luke loved seeing:

  • We improved on our team game this week, everyone got on the scoresheet and we looked for each other more than previous weeks. We were able to capitalise on Cockburn’s weaknesses. Our bench players got valuable minutes and contributed greatly.

16 Black – Bevan Rankin

Lost to Warwick Blue 56-42

Bevan loved seeing:

  • Our defence and rebounding was above average
  • We were great defensively and limited the opposition to 52 points.
  • Unfortunately, we continued to turn the ball over, particularly in the second half and this cost us and we were unable to get into our offense. 
  • Daniel Ryan and Ethan Saliacus were again outstanding on the defensive end.

16 White – Mark Edman

Won against Hills Raiders 73-66

Mark loved seeing:

  • That despite not playing our best, we could still grind out the win
  • Harrison Clarke was again a consistent presence in leading at the point

16 Grey – Andre Colley

Lost to Joondalup Wolves 73-63

Andre loved seeing:

  • Our focus and energy and our full-court pressing
  • Bailon Nona and Cooper Deshon both stepped up offensively and knocked down crucial buckets

18 Red – Gavin Burnett

Lost to Cockburn Cougars 100-68

Gavin loved seeing:

  • For the majority of the game, we held our own against the best team in the competition. We matched our opponents on the boards and played good pressure defence in transition and in the half-court. The end scoreline doesn’t do justice as we were within 15 points with just a few minutes to go.
  • Joshua Draper produced another double-double performance with 15 points 11 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 assists. Vic Komaiya dropped in 16 points and picked up 7 rebounds (VPS 2.54). Harper Gadsby made a welcome return to the court after two months out with injury, scoring 10 points, grabbing 6 rebounds and adding 4 assists in reduced minutes (VPS 1.37). Riley Burnett had 9 points and 9 rebounds, going close to a double-double. The starting guard combination of Owen Pang and Connor Rothman worked hard in defence all game and both made solid contributions on the scoreboard combining for 9 points, 8 assists and 7 rebounds. Tobey Martin gave us an injury scare but was able to continue and provided valuable minutes alongside Cooper Mason and Ryan Duke-Yonge. Mitch Nixon worked hard in the paint for 5 points, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks.

18 White – Simon Daff

Lost to Cockburn Cougars 75-70

18 Grey – Carlos Uribe

Lost to Kalamunda 56-53

Carlos loved seeing:

  • Excellent effort and enthusiasm level during the whole game. The boys were great and cheering each other on while we were taking down the top team on the ladder. Unfortunately, we had some calls not go our way in the last 5 minutes and we also made some very expensive mistakes. But the team showed how good we are as basketballers. Very proud of my team!!!
  • Jafari Davison and Dhaarshnna Krisshnan were amazing on the defensive end negating the influence of the main scorer in the competition. Luis Uribe was once again great on the rebounds with Kaden Morcombe and Lachlan Taylor who help to dominate the boards during the whole game

20 Red – David Swaby

Won over Mandurah 99-47

Dave loved seeing: 

  • Our ability to maintain a good level of focus and intensity despite playing against a much weaker team. 

20 Black – Luke Simonette

Lost to East Perth 102-60

Luke loved seeing:

  • A persevering performance against a classy outfit – this team doesn’t give up. All round great display with on-ball defence and help side coverage. Offensively, the fast break and getting out on the lanes proved our greatest asset
  • Caleb Norman – great interior offence
  • Bailey Trahorsch – Great interior defence 
  • Matt Wallwork – awesome job on both ends of the floor
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